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View Poll Results: Who should be Marilyn Manson's New Bassist?

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  • Tim Skold

    25 69.44%
  • Rob Holliday

    11 30.56%
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Thread: Battle Royale: Tim Skold vs Rob Holliday

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    Plot Twist:

    Olivia Newton Bundy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mephisto View Post
    Manson and Gil start following on Twitter bassist Juan Alderete,so maybe it''s him .
    I support this decision.

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    Juan Alderete?

    I don't know him well but there is so many bands work with him. I love Mars volta.

    If he is new bassist, he will not just a live session musician. I don't know he is composing music but maybe he will play bass on next album.

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    That would be cool, the Mars Volta do fucking rock. They are on hiatus now, but Omar already stated that they will be back, though not straight away due to their commitments with ATDI.

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    I've met Juan a few times at bass clinics and seen him with Volta and a few others. An amazing musician, and the guy know how's to play what's right for the project. This would be the most insane rhythm section for Manson ever.

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    Hydra's Avatar
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    Battle plot twist: He unfollowed Holliday on Instagram.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hydra View Post
    Battle plot twist: He unfollowed Holliday on Instagram.
    why i'm not surprised
    Chillin' Killin'

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    The plot thickens...
    "And We Will Sleep on the Skin of Its Nightmares..."

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    Ozzfest meets Knotfest is in two days and nothing has been revealed.

    All I can assume right now is a Standard-Best-Of-Setlist due to the lack of time to rehease, if it's gonna be a new face. IMO they should let the bass-technican play. He/she knows the songs, the setting and the setlist. It went very well with Daniel Fox and DAMN he fitted perfectly in the band!

    btw why isn't he back on the keys? I mean c'mon, he suits it up!

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    I always wondered about Skold's departure from Manson. He said "Skold plays from his wallet" - I wonder if maybe Skold left because if Twiggy rejoined it would mean he'd make less money and he decided to leave to pursue other ventures. At the time I assumed it was just due to Manson's preference to collaborate with one person at a time, but that comment always stuck with me.

    I'm not sure I buy it because you can find footage of Skold performing live in the most dingy tiny ass clubs you can imagine, it doesn't really read to me of someone who's money hungry. I'd love to see Skold rejoin the band. Beside his amazing stage presence, Bates injected a lot of new interesting synth work and I'd love to see Skold build on that and make a really dark, electronic, industrial type sound. But that's just wishful thinking. Not to mention Skold proved he didn't need to rely on industrial as a crutch for sound with EAT ME, DRINK ME which was so unique not only to Manson but to his own body of work. If we could get something really outside of what we expect from Marilyn Manson I could maybe bare to see Tyler go.

    I've never listened to anything Holliday has been involved in, to me he's just a live musician for Manson to be honest.

    My expectation is the live bassist will be another nobody no one cares about who will play notes passably until the next guy comes along. Controversy aside, Twiggy being ousted isn't that big of a deal considering he hasn't had any actual album input in several years. I'd be excited or care about the position if Marilyn Manson went back to being something resembling a band and not just Manson collabing with one other dude to make something.

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