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Thread: Marilyn Manson accused of assaulted Lexa Vonn (supposedly)

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    I just can't wait til the tour resumes. Gonna miss Twiggy, though I understand why he won't be a part of the band anymore as I consider it to be a smart PR move. Again, tired of these people who are obviously fucking crazy taking out baseless character hits against them. Now we see what's happening. It's only a matter of time before more lunatics seeking attention, and this does happen, come out of nowhere with more stories and allegations.

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    Maybe we should stop giving attention seeking pigs the attention they're seeking.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Shangri-LIE View Post
    I just can't wait til the tour resumes. Gonna miss Twiggy, though I understand why he won't be a part of the band anymore as I consider it to be a smart PR move. Again, tired of these people who are obviously fucking crazy taking out baseless character hits against them. Now we see what's happening. It's only a matter of time before more lunatics seeking attention, and this does happen, come out of nowhere with more stories and allegations.
    lol is this gonna be your angle now? Trying to gaslight people into declaring Jeordie innocent by painting this person as crazy and not so subtly implying that this is somehow proof that Jessicka is in the same boat of "obviously fucking crazy people?"

    Fascinating take but clearly totally stupid when given two seconds of thought, instead of just smugly patting yourself on the back as definitively proving that men are the real victims in this world. It's as simple as this: no rape accusation has a relation to any other rape accusation. This chick might be a legitimately insane stalker for all I know, but it's an incredibly nonsensical leap of logic to infer that this somehow proves Jessicka is in the same boat. Or hey, she might even be telling the truth. Again, being a crazy person doesn't mean you can't also be assaulted. But Manson's dealt with crazy fans before, he's got that experience under his belt. He's not really in a position to give a vague cop-out statement like Jeordie, so I suppose we'll see soon enough if her LAPD report has any truth behind it and whether Manson immediately files a libel suit and takes out a restraining order.

    You guys are all so personally hurt by the Twiggy thing and wound up so tight with the thought that these crazy, fame hungry bitches were coming after Manson next that you would have jumped on any allegation with the same fervor it seems this one is getting. It's amusing, it's like you guys think that if you log on and quickly shut the story down then people who read the thread going forward will just take your opinions as fact and assume that this has been proven to be some insane person with a fake vendetta lol. You guys know you're not Manson's PR team right? Ahh, but I'm sure you all researched this very intently, with the sleuthing skills only the internet can have.

    This thread is seriously just a bunch of people who have already decided the accuracy of the information based on nothing. Just a bunch of people posting 'Yep I looked into it. She's crazy so it's settled - the end.' Which is absolutely nutso. It's probably safe to say that almost all of you decided on whether or not it happened immediately upon reading the thread title. That's all the info you needed lol.

    Again, I'm not addressing whether or not this is true (I've got no more idea than any of you) but it's astounding how you guys don't see that you're going up and down the list of reasons women give when asked why they didn't come forward.

    "She's crazy, she just wants money and fame!"

    "Why didn't she open up about these allegations earlier??"

    These are probably the two most frequent arguments I saw from the people who think Jessicka is purposely lying. And those two things also happen to be directly contradictory lol. Coming out with a rape accusation soon after the event takes place means you're a dirty gold digger, yet waiting until well after the statue of limitations expires means that you're making it up - because who would ever take a long time to publicly explain the time they got assaulted. Can you guys list the appropriate time span in which you are okay with people reporting their rapes lol? That would be super helpful.

    It's also hilariously moronic that people (like @Shangri-LIE and @Mephisto) have been continually implying that each additional person who comes forward with a rape accusation increases the likelihood that it's made up. lol no, it's pretty clearly the opposite. It's not women thinking "Oh somebody made a rape claim. That's a good idea, I never thought of doing that to benefit myself personally. I'm gonna do it." because again, that's an absolutely retarded thing to assume people do by default.

    No, it's more like "Oh somebody told their rape story. Their strength has inspired me to gather up enough courage to tell my own story." How many times his that exact thing happened in the past couple years alone? Bill Cosby? Donald Trump? Harvey Weinstein? Kevin Spacey? Brett Ratner? James Toback? Bill O'Reilly? Roger Ailes? Friend of Marilyn Manson Terry Richardson, who's been a known creep for many years? All of these stories broke because once a floodgate begins to open with the statements of the first few people, it shows any other victims that they can really speak out now.

    So when additional accusations arise around different people within short proximity to each other, it's absurd to react with "Oh of course, here comes another one. *eyeroll*" Because your idea of how these things happen is directly in opposition with reality.

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    The rape of Lexa was a ... marketing scheme.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norsefire View Post
    Shes a media whore and always looking for attention, she wrote that entire statement on her website and I will bet its all trash including reports being filed etc. Shes got some warped view on her life and Marilyn Manson, not too distant from Teena Byrd or Titty Manson.
    ^ THIS! She friended me on Facebook a few years back, and I recognized her as the singer from one of the cover bands from that old-school Manson "tribute" album, Anthems of Rust & Decay. Her band at the time, Ophelia Rising, covered "The Speed of Pain" on that disc.

    But every so often, she spouts off at the mouth about her days following Manson, and she seems to have moved on from it, yet in her YouTube videos where she's selling her MM memorabilia, she speaks fondly of those days. And she's like 40, and still acts like a fangirl in a fantasy world in these videos. It's very reminiscent of Teena Byrd!

    She's always been nice to me, but these are just observations I've made. Not sure what her deal is =\

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    Gossip. Lies. Slander.

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    You're annoying @Golden Eel
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    Vonn began to publicly vocalize her separation from Marilyn Manson in 2014
    What "separation"? Who is she? I'm reading her site and I'm getting the impression that she's a super-fan or something, but then she phrases everything so bizarelly, as if she and MM had some sort of long-standing relationship. I don't want to stir the pot on the allegations just yet, but can anyone explain to me who Vonn is?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mephisto View Post
    You're annoying @Golden Eel
    There's an understatement.


    Brilliant standard of evidence. Very solid. Very thought out. As if a woman being goddamn batshit insane isn't relevant. As if it doesn't affect her credibility. As if people who are crazy don't say crazy shit.

    Let's imagine two fictional scenarios. In one of them, Dita accuses Manson of rape. In the other, Teena Byrd accuses Manon of rape.

    Now, which seems more likely to be true? Obviously, Dita's accusation. Why? She's not goddamn psycho. There's nothing wrong with bringing the credibility of an accuser into question. When you accuse someone of something based on NOTHING but your own word, your credibility is automatically in question.

    Is that really so hard to comprehend?

    Guess so, Golden Feels, since reading apparently isn't your strong suit. :)

    Also, the people you're going back and forth with on here, Shangs and Meph mostly, they never said that the timing of the claims made against Twiggy or Manson proves that they're false, only that they cast additional suspicion on the claims. Nice straw man though.

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    I've never heard of this girl before, but for what you guys are saying, she used to see Manson as her boyfriend or something like that. I mean, wow, haha. Teena Byrd feelings.

    Anyways... I wouldn't doubt if that was true in the same way I believe Jessicka told the truth about Twiggy, BUT this story seems pretty unreasonable. 48 hours of torture? Manson must be a real serial killer for doing that, then. lol. But what bothers me more is this:

    "as well as the rape allegations made by another ex-girlfriend of Manson, actress Evan Rachel Wood regarding an incident involving a so far unnamed ex-boyfriend."

    Evan NEVER mentioned Manson. Plus, in the same interview she reveals she was raped twice (it was an interview for Rolling Stone last year), she says nice things about the time she was with him, about going on tour and all that. i don't think she would talk about those times like that if she was in fact raped by him, she wouldn't be comfortable.

    With that being said, it's absurd that this girl write this in her statement. If the guy is "unnamed", then shut the fuck up instead of accusing him for something he didn't do.

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