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Thread: Marilyn Manson accused of assaulted Lexa Vonn (supposedly)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Golden Eel View Post
    There's no issue understanding this. I doubt Manson cut this chick up or whatever. But you've got to stop framing it as "trying to see both sides" when in reality what you're doing is 'absolutely everything you can to convince yourself that Manson/Jeordie are innocent and these are just crazy lying females with a vendetta.' You're not even attempting to approach this shit with a degree of open mindedness. You have your mind made up.

    No, they don't. This isn't a thing that occurs in an amount any higher than false reports of any other type of crime, which is... low. It's vastly, vastly, vastly blown out of proportions by orders of magnitude by people with ideological issues with SJWs and feminists and how poorly men are treated in the world. And aparently also people who are fans of music made by an accused party. It is a non-issue that these types have turned into this ever looming boogeyman.

    This is why I keep repeating the same shit, because it's somehow not registering. I'm not calling people names for not believing accusations. Like I just said in this post and my prior post, I get the feeling that this isn't an entirely legitimate grievance on Lexa Vonn's part. Almost the entirety of everything I'm saying on this topic is directed at the logic some of you people are using to absolutely bend over backwards and cover your eyes to even the possibility that Manson or Jeordie ever did anything bad. The people this is aimed at aren't looking at both sides, they're not combing over the data for evidence. They're by default and forever believing the Marilyn Manson band members while at the same time heaping harassment on the person making the accusations.

    So I'm not sure why you're flipping out as if I'm in here just raging and slinging terribly insulting shit at everybody. I'm attacking arguments because they're bad. Mephisto is the only person I'm directly insulting, but that's because he doesn't really warrant a legitimate response. I'm sorry if the word 'absurd' is too terribly uncivil for Provider Module, but did you even read anything beyond that word? I didn't call anybody absurd, I was pointing out how completely fucking stupid it is to automatically discount rape claims because they take place in close proximity to one another.

    It is objectively retarded to assume that when multiple assault claims surface in clusters it's only because these women just decided to ride the fad of false rape claims. Particularly because, again, the evidence shows this to be complete bullshit. It's objectively retarded to doubt Alice Glass' claims simply because they happened around the same time as Jessicka's. It's objectively retarded to doubt Lexa Vonn's claims because they happened around Alice's or Jessicka's. This is the type of shit I'm calling out. I'm really not understanding why this is so controversial.

    Imagine if you had a little sister that was raped and she finally opened up about it, and somebody's first response was, "Ohhh, of course. One of the girls at her school accused the jock of rape and his parents settled for a ton of cash. And now your sister suddenly claims she was raped too. Of course, I'm sure we'll see ten more of these in the next month." Would that not be completely retarded to say? Would that not be completely tone-deaf and ignorant of how any of this works? Or would you just side with the person who assumed by default that this girl was lying? Do you understand now how this has nothing to do with whether or not it happened and everything to do with people's fucked up, retarded ways of looking at things?

    But as long as people keep saying this dumb shit and clearly taking the position of assuming a rape claim is by default false until proven true, then I'm going to keep calling those people morons.

    Your entire post is based on the premise of me thinking Manson raped this chick, which... I explicitly said I do not think. Literally 0% of my post was making an argument that Manson did this. Very little of my post was even about this specific situation. Did you even read my post? The entire explicit point was about how people aren't judging these situations by anybody's credibility. They're automatically siding against the accusers because they're fans of the accused and working outward from there. Like, what the fuck is so difficult to understand here? Are you people just entirely incapable of comprehending an even remotely nuanced point?

    Maybe this will help: just because I don't automatically assume a woman is lying when she makes a rape accusation doesn't mean I do automatically believe every rape accusation. There is more than point of view here, I'm allowed to think this chick is probably a bit unbelievable and also criticize all the dumb bullshit being puked all over the forum about the topic of rape.

    So what the fuck are you even talking about? I'm pretty clearly not the one having trouble reading a few short, simple paragraphs.

    Uh, implying that a person's doubtful accusations in any way cast additional suspicion on an entirely unrelated situation involving two entirely different people is fucking stupid. The timing of any claims have no correlation to anything and the people who keep implying they do are morons.

    When Alice Glass made her allegations against Ethan Kath, there were many, many people here and in the MM subreddit and various Facebook groups all doing the same shit - casting doubt on Alice's glass because of how close they were to Jessicka's. How about this guy's sarcastic post out how craaaazy it is that two women can report abuse in the same month?
    Wow, what a time to be alive! How about Mephisto's post directly underneath that matter of factly states that Alice Glass reported these years of torture and abuse as marketing?

    Why would something like that garner those responses if not for their assumption that Jessicka's claims are false, thus any remotely similar claims must be false as well? What possibly explanation is there for assuming rape claims are false by default other than rabid idiocy?

    Jesus Christ you people are astoundingly thick.
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    I’ve seen this girl,groupies and Plastics spread lies and shit before at various points of being denied backstage passes or other benefits. She was never dating Manson anymore than Teena or TittiManson.

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