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I would say I have problems finding coats, but the main issue is that I have too many of them.
I have too much outerwear also. Or rather too many jackets I don't wear but hold onto "just in case I want to wear them". I haven't even thrown away an old faux leather biker jacket that is peeling because it looks punk. :P

Zara's are okay for jackets but tend to begin to lose shape after a year which is crap.
I've actually owned a 60% wool Zara coat for several years now and it's fine apart from some minor bobbling. I bought it second hand also so I imagine it's been worn for at least one season before it was tossed.

Went shopping out of town on Friday again and ended up exchanging the Zara coat I had originally bought online for a smaller size and so far I'm quite happy with it. The boots are good too, except I made the huge mistake of wearing them for the first time with trainer socks. 15 minutes of walking towards the train station and they peeled off the skin just above my heels so the remaining 20 minutes of the walk were rather painful. So needless to say, as soon as I got off the train I had an emergency visit to the pharmacy. Classic me, I always suffer from the footwear I buy!

Anyhow, the rest of the outfit I put together for the Manson show last night was a pair of faux leather leggings I mentioned before and a geometric black and white cotton knit dress by Clements Ribeiro. I'va had this dress for sevral years now and still in love with it. Would have been nice if they added some elastane to the garment because it stretched out over the years but oh well. I wasn't in the mood for photos yesterday so I didn't take any full body shots but here's a pic of the outfit and a makeup look I stole from a runway show:

I do a lot of sale hunting in the northern hemisphere off season (handily our winter) and pick up cheap things from places like Hobbs when they are throwing them out.
Wow, you actually travel abroad to go shopping? Consider me jealous.

I am waiting patiently for this off the shoulder/peasant/formless 70s through the lenses of the 90s to pass on.
Yes! I think it's time for it to go now, I mean come on, it's been a while. Too much 90's nostalgia, I can't relate to it becase I think it was the worst fashion decade of the 20th century. Why are there still scrunchies and tattoo chokers, whyyyy... I don't mind check shirts though, I actually saw some really nice ones when I was out shopping and thought wow, this is totally what Shangrie-LIE would wear if he was a woman! I imagine he would look something like this:

Goodluck with the summer wardrobe hunt by the way!

Golden Eel, you need some layers son! That outfit doesn't look very warm. Maybe get a chunky wool blend grandpa cardigan, I think it would fit the clothes you already have. :D