I'm with S.D., but I've made most manageable. I stay away from triggers for my own good- if I did some cognitive therapy I supposedly wouldn't have to, but that's just another way of coping- I think it's just too late for all that.

I do much better with mirrors.

I'm just trying to be the best me- I take care of myself nutritionally, physically, and mentally (which means staying away from the stressors when possible)^
I'm still awkward at socializing outside my work (around my daughter's peers' parents)- this is a struggle of mine. & I hope it doesn't affect her future friendships... if she goes to school- I'm increasingly uncomfortable about teens in highschool. Just the other day a kid brought a gun to school here and shot himself during a scheduled fire drill. Yesterday, a school was on lockdown because of a threat. same things a couple days ago. shooting shooting shooting shooting all because of insecurities and social media- is private school any safer? homeschool. Can I afford it, the time? Will I be able to afford it? Will her generation rise above and leave behind the stigma of social media? )

I smile more, smiles are returned.

Don't stress about what can't be changed, change what can, and don't over-indulge. Unless it is hugs.
& at the end of the day I'm teaching my daughter how to live happily & healthy- for now. Hopefully these roots are strong and stabilizing for the brunt of her teenage years.