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Thread: Best album closers.

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    Default Best album closers.

    I completely stole this thread idea from echoingthesound as well. You get the idea.

    A Perfect Circle - "Gravity" (Thirteenth Step)
    Beatles - "Tomorrow Never Knows" (Revolver)
    David Bowie - "I Can't Give Everything Away" (Blackstar)
    David Bowie - "Subterreaneans" (Low)
    Faith No More - "Easy" (Angel Dust)
    Gorillaz - "Don't Get Lost In Heaven > Demon Days" (Demon Days)
    Gorillaz - "Pirate Jet" (Plastic Beach)
    King Crimson - "The Court of the Crimson King" (In the Court of the Crimson King)
    Led Zeppelin - "When The Levee Breaks" (Led Zeppelin IV)
    Lynyrd Skynyrd - "Free Bird" ((Pronounced 'Lĕh-'nérd 'Skin-'nérd))
    Manson - "Coma White" (Mechanical Animals)
    Manson - "Count to Six and Die (The Vacuum of Infinite Space Encompassing)" (Holy Wood)
    Manson - "Man That You Fear" (Antichrist Superstar)
    The Mars Volta - "Cassandra Gemini" (Frances the Mute)
    Nine Inch Nails - "Burning Bright (Field On Fire)" (Not The Actual Events)
    Nine Inch Nails - "Hurt" (The Downward Spiral)
    Nine Inch Nails - "In This Twilight > Zero-Sum" (Year Zero)
    Nine Inch Nails - "Right Where It Belongs/Home" (With Teeth)
    Nine Inch Nails - "The Background World" (Add Violence)
    Nirvana - "Something In The Way" (Nevermind)
    Pink Floyd - "Brain Damage > Eclipse" (The Dark Side of the Moon)
    Pink Floyd - "The Show Must Go On > In the Flesh > Run Like Hell > Waiting For The Worms > Stop > The Trial > Outside the Wall" (The Wall)
    Puscifer - "Autumn" (Money $hot)
    Queens of the Stone Age - "...Like Clockwork" (...Like Clockwork)
    Queens of the Stone Age - "I Think I Lost My Headache" (Rated R)
    Queens of the Stone Age - "I Was A Teenage Hand Model" (Queens of the Stone Age)
    Queens of the Stone Age - "Mosquito Song" (Songs for the Deaf)
    Spiritualized - "Cop Shoot Cop..." (Ladies and Gentlemen We Are Floating in Space)
    St. Vincent - "Smoking Section" (MASSEDUCTION)
    Telefon Tel Aviv - "Immolate Yourself" (Immolate Yourself)
    Tool - "Third Eye" (Ćnima)
    Ween - "Fluffy" (12 Golden Country Greats)
    Ween - "If You Could Save Yourself (You'd Save Us All)" (Quebec)
    Ween - "She Wanted To Leave" (The Mollusk)
    Ween - "Your Party" (La Cucaracha)

    and with just one faint glance back into the sea
    the mollusk lingers with its wandering eye

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    A good closing track should embody the end of the relationship between the album and the listener, it should carry some sort of sad finality. Here are some closers that stood out to me with that in mind:

    Chelsea Wolfe - Lone (Pain is Beauty)
    Crystal Castles - Child I Will Hurt You (III)
    Deafheaven - The Pecan Tree (Sunbather)
    Have A Nice Life - Earthmover (Deathconsciousness)
    Jon Hopkins - Immunity (Immunity)
    Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Like Antennas to Heaven... (Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven)
    Marilyn Manson - Count to Six and Die (Holy Wood)
    Queens of the Stone Age - ...Like Clockwork (...Like Clockwork)
    Radiohead - Videotape (In Rainbows)
    Radiohead - Motion Picture Soundtrack (Kid A)
    Swans - To Be Kind (To Be Kind)

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    Unkillable Party Monster
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    I think people underestimate what PiL achieved in their career, even if he is a collosal prick these days, Lydon was never allowed to forget being in the Sex Pistols by critics.

    What a beautiful, haunting song to close This Is What You Want... This Is What You Get

    "the Serpent was more crafty than any beast of the field which
    the LORD god had made

    m e m e n t o m o r i . p o s t m o r t e m

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    You seriously picked "Tomorrow Never Knows" over This?


    Highly Suspect - Wolf (The Boy That Died Wolf)
    Starset - Everglow (Vessels)
    The Doors - The End (The Doors)
    Marilyn Manson - Threats Of Romance
    Marilyn Manson - Odds Of Even
    Marilyn Manson - 15
    Marilyn Manson - Eat Me, Drink Me
    Marilyn Manson - Count To Six and Die
    Marilyn Manson - Coma White
    Marilyn Manson - Man That You Fear
    Alice In Chains - Would? (Dirt)
    Pink Floyd - Brain Damage / Eclipse (Dark Side of the moon)
    NIN - The Background World (Add Violence)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Golden Eel View Post
    Nine Inch Nails - "The Background World" (Add Violence)
    Quote Originally Posted by Nemoris Inferioris View Post
    NIN - The Background World (Add Violence)
    The fact that both of you mentioned that piece of crap, but didn't even come close to mentioning "Leaving Hope"? A pox on both your houses!

    I've probably listened to 10,000 albums in my lifetime. And there has arguably never been a simpler, more effective, and more beautiful way to end an album than this:
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    A Wicked Epicenter

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