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Thread: KILL4ME Music Video

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    Default KILL4ME Music Video

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    I really fucking like this.
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    I really fucking love this.

    Best videos in a long time i'd say. And it reminds me of (s)ain't. But let's just agree MM and Depp are heterosexual lovers in a bromantic relationship.

    Beginning reminded me of Hannibal, extremely. The cinematography is great.
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    I love the aerial shots of Manson. That’s my favorite part. It’s a nice video.

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    Manson's adventures in Hollywood Babylon are becoming more and more interesting...

    Echoing other responses, yeah, I really, really love this. Besides his band members, this might be the first time not one, but two supporting actors have been in successive videos for an album since Dita's appearances in mOBSCENE and (s)AINT. I think when you see all three videos for Heaven Upside Down together the stylistic choices for WE KNOW WHERE YOU FUCKING LIVE make a bit more sense.
    Eagle-eyed viewers will presumably also enjoy seeing Manson's blonde/Christina/Starfuckers Inc. persona making a small cameo...

    I said in another topic that Heaven Upside Down appears to be Manson's stab at Populism. The artwork, stage show, videos and photoshoots for this record are very contemporary, there's a strong Instagram/Trap influence on a lot of the visuals and packaging, which I think works quite effectively. No one ever said Manson's records always had to be complex world-burners. Like Bowie's Hours or Heathen, sometimes it's good just to make a modern album that represents who you are and tour it.

    Incidentally, the best part of this video is Manson being stood on an enormous aperture.
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    Really cool vídeo!! I like it, and the end part with the credits, for sobre reason I loved it.

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    Videos from this era are the best in years.SAY10 is still my favourite .

    Didn't know about this BOOM tatto before .
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    Video Voyeurism and Orgy's - whats not to love!
    Really enjoy some of the overhead MM shots as well as the historic nods.
    Good stuff!
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    I'm in love with this video.

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