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Thread: Most extraordinary album

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    Default Most extraordinary album

    'extraordinary' means that album is out of stereotype about MM, in a any context .
    In other words, it is the album that beyond your predictions.


    1) The Pale Emperor - This album has been good for a long time, both musically and commercially. Album is not at the level of classic, but I think it is a very different kind of attempt.

    2) Eat Me Drink Me - juicy guitar riffs, fresh ballad songs

    3) High End of Low - so poorly producing that I cannot understand

    4) HEAVEN UPSIDE DOWN - Most are typical Manson-style tracks, but some sounded quite different.

    5) mechanical animals - This is his classic now, but I think it was a shocking change at the time.

    6) antichrist superstar - I think it is a revolutionary change when compared with his previous era.
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    Marilyn Manson has a stereotype? Am I missing something?
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    So you basically listed most of his albums? lol

    I think the most 'different from anything else' albums are Mechanical Animals and The Pale Emperor.

    Holywood and Antichrist share a similar sound even if one it's more agressive. Holywood kind of blend elements from AS with MA, but it's far from MA sounds.

    THEL, BV, HUD and EMDM are all standard Manson albums to me. Some of the songs on each album could be part of one of these releases.

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    I think EMDM may stand out the most. As there is nothing like it, but that goes for MA as well.

    THEOL was actually produced pretty Well, as I think it was intended to be bad, in a way. Better production than BV.

    TPE is his most different, since EMDM, because from THEOL - BV, they both have very similar sounds. His vocals were drastically different, style-wise. But, since HUD has songs that could have been on TPE, both go hand in hand.
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    Well, when it came out, Mechanical Animals surprised the fuck out of a lot of fans. (At least, from what I've read about it.)

    It's a radical departure from what came before it.

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    I was beaten to the punch and I'd have to absolutely agree, as I've always felt that way about Mechanical Animals, Eat Me, Drink Me and The Pale Emperor in contrast to the rest of the Marilyn Manson discography so far.

    @pabloccb @Nemoris Inferioris - You've said it so much better than I could've said it.

    This could perhaps be as to why I've sometimes enjoyed switching between those three albums as of late.

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