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Thread: 11th album

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    Quote Originally Posted by NapalmHeart View Post

    2) Who's Juan?
    Juan Alderete

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    I would love it if he explored the sound of the song Heaven Upside Down more. Such a good one.

    Exploring tones like Third Day of A Seven Day Binge and KILL4ME would of course be welcome as well.

    Another album with Tyler I hope.

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    I know it is a short time. But personally I feel long. And it looks more quiet than TPE era.

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    I don't really care for the direction of the next album, if there is one. I just hope it'll piss off the whiny bitches among the "fans" :)
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    2040 coming in hot.
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    I really want a heavy electronic album. Take Blood Honey and Kill4Me's synth and crank that shit up to 666.

    Other than that I'll just be happy for a new album. HUD was great, still loving it, I'll take new output as it comes. If Bates is still involved we can rest easy knowing it's gonna be amazing, here's hoping Manson doesn't attempt to assault him again on this tour.

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    I'd like a Dark Wave album. Like a mix of KILL4ME and Saturnalia. Bring Tyler's cinematic landscape to the max and create something amazing.
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    It's a little premature to be thinking about a new release, I think. Let's just take some time to acquaint ourselves properly with a pretty crackerjack current album.

    Like others here, I would also like a book, perhaps some Disney voiceover work and a Nick Knowles collaboration EP.

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    Given the lack of discussion of the current album, I’d suggest taking a deep breath before running off to the new shiny thing and appreciating this one fully. Or at least let the supporting tour end.
    Quid ignorantia sit multi ignorant.

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    I don't think there is a need for an 11th album. I want a book with a lot of pictures and a film.

    That aside, there will undoubtedly be an 11th record. What I think he needs to do next go round is to embrace his love of country/folk music and really just get gritty. He should embrace his rural Ohioan roots. Perhaps cover "Blame it all on the Roses" by Roger Alan Wade. *Edit - Either do a cover of that song or "I Think She Only Loves Me For My Willie" by Danny Greigo/Paul Overstreet.

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