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What makes you think we are getting an 11th album ? If TB decides to call it quit after this tour i wouldnt be surprise if he decides to retire
I do think it's worth reminding people occasionally that the man is only forty-eight years old...

Some people don't achieve their greatest until they've been in the game for life. Look at Bowie a couple of decades before he died; the press virtually wrote him off in the early nineties when he was the same age Manson is now. He took gambles by stripping back his image, sound, and trying everything from radio friendly lounge rock, to Drum N' Bass, heavy metal, Industrial, Soul, electronica and jazz in just nine years, but was barely appreciated for any of it at the time. Now the press applaud records like Outside and Heathen because he's dead, and released two astounding albums just years before he passed.

Obviously I don't want Manson to head off before he reaches seventy, even that was a loss given Bowie's lifestyle, but it's easy to get lost in revisionist history and forget that everyone has ebb and flow in their career, and sometimes the best is yet to come.