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Thread: My words are getting better

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    Dissolving Lights

    When I fell in love with you you were

    A thrill seeking bastard
    I was floating in a drunken wave of memories
    My mind a blur of bitter broken pieces
    A shattered youth; in sublime elegance
    Kissed her through my heroic disease

    Here is the truth; together we were unstoppable: unreal and impossible
    I'm floating in a sea of hours tumbling
    My cheap kisses glossed over
    Never good enough; never clean enough
    All that poetic stuff written off

    The tightness of breathing through it
    Through threats of both leaving
    But she didn't leave him for me
    Over you
    The door was open and she stayed
    For him to.

    Loving all that I was while we were
    Murdered in our sleep like our histories
    For the other ones not for us: achieved
    You said you loved her more than me

    I believed and breathed
    No one went into that black abyss
    Alone And unsure; fever dream
    Drama queens punk rock stars
    Losers and starving artists

    I've seen it long before
    The screaming noises from the corners
    I won't lie; I dreamed of every perfect disaster
    I should've died
    Not her. I wish she was here

    I realize it's getting impossible
    To be me at all between the borderlines
    all they want of me: is all I can do
    See I'll dissolve their confusion and truth
    Diseases faded ideas and ideas over rated
    the electroshock of their secret lobotomy
    Of my immaculate mind

    It's difficult, you see

    Baby I'm not insane.
    No one heard the dirty truth
    It might've appeared to defy logic
    To them but not you

    They could not blame themselves
    For no one wanted to

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    We love the forest so black
    where the moon casts its luminescence
    across the shores of the fair dreamer
    Far across the bluest sea; a cold blue sky
    we see the silver sparkle of a star
    the treasure of this mysterious night
    the twilight of a burning
    sun in the mists of paradise and bliss

    but I did not want to be in love again
    I did not want a special reservation
    through which the master carries
    upon the sail of freedom he flies
    sailing the fountain of youth in you

    a precious faith and endless curiosity
    about the truth so yellow and so sad
    a beautiful world with everyone
    and nobody listening to a word we say
    Come to the island of paradise
    the sparkle in your eyes

    is the same star longing to meet mine
    and arise with wings of beautiful
    divination; fair maiden girl I adore
    this terrible Victorian
    the secret of our pasts and unheard prayers
    A fairy lover who was torn
    his wings so bright they had to be
    worn like his bright designs

    between a castle in the clouds
    and a future divided by pyramidal
    conditions; we have visions
    of a future blessed; where everyone
    can play before they are seen
    trying to beat the machine

    and all the loudest songs
    can be heard by the quietest hearts
    and all the life be found
    before the dawn falls on the mountain
    and spirits come and they dance

    and spin and shake but no one knows
    the secret to being hell-bound
    I love you anyways, your magic tricks
    have persuaded so many ironic
    things to happen

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    Paper Fields & Plastic Dreams

    I feel the cold shivers on my spine
    like a snake losing its skin in the bright
    sunshine, and pretend that I'm happy
    feeling rotten and sinful in the light
    to forgo this crooked memory
    the reign of tears I'm hiding from history
    he begs her to hate him
    to taste him and deface
    him when

    these salty tears are falling down her face
    and into the hands of the darkest eyes
    of a strange part that she can't replace
    into a wall; a sorry, misplaced
    just the soft sway of regretful dreams
    veiled threats of seclusion
    lingering in darkness so meaningless
    chasing the illusion of joy.

    Nightmares like monsters with knives
    remove all the doubt in her other lives
    feel so numb and betrayed by the other players
    the cruel ache of loss and sedatives making
    you dumb inside the core, his lame apologies
    you trace the sheets for the skeleton
    borderline of a whore

    He will undress her and repress her fears until they cum
    the mannequin whispers won't tell mum
    it's not like it was human; that he engineered this lie
    kidnapping her and pretending he won't go inside
    won't play doctor, hide and seek, or fake suicide
    he's gonna eat that sweet candy heart, she's on her knees
    the perfect pose for us to idol and worship
    the perfect silent pop-star who adores her disease.

    Lady, it can only be tragic to embrace the magician
    Now you're exposed to the demands of a machine
    many in pictures professing hatred of your kind
    The famous are colorless and ready to get behind you
    The perfume of pain lingering across the hall
    behind a wooden frame and a soft smile
    the cruel secrets of lust and sex

    She opens her mouth to scream so loud into the night
    choking on his name, she wants to fight the murderer
    trying to find his reflection in the wood of liars
    and then youíll be brainwashed to worship his empire
    To be someone other than you could have been
    before somebody else who is more
    unlike the person who gave you that tattoo.

    Youíre a twisted scar itching in the palm of his hand
    ruining every occasion as you call on his demands
    perfectly intoxicated; the liquor makes you gullible
    poured into her lips from the fountain of his youth
    replace the bruises that make her adorable
    her vision goes black with debauchery the potion
    fills her veins the drug of her devotion
    What about the reasons you try and try to escape
    The reasons most saw no proof, little girl

    How you get through on anything is so falsely seen
    Can we get out of this hollow fantasy; what canít be mistaken
    for evil televisions promoting terrible distractions
    what about the side effects, and stupid reactions.

    This took her world over
    and her bastard king knows its true
    Theyíre after her and they want him to die
    so she toasts a poisoned potion to her only friend
    no emotion, to yesterday as it all ends

    The world is bleached in sugarcane overnight
    she has no appetite, just a forlorn glare
    the moons cold snow in a vacant stare
    As they switch up the menu
    with a new kind of offering
    in reconciliation

    At the dead-end of the world
    the mechanical bird sang a beautiful song
    the music in the sky is a chorus
    of screaming stars that turn into fire
    the fire is rising and she's terrified
    by all that she had left behind consumed
    in her vacant divisions doomed
    she is nobody else and knows that its wrong
    until she sees that he cannot feel
    she's finally in love and almost
    completely blind.

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