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Thread: Manson Releases 'Cry Little Sister' Cover

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    Default Manson Releases 'Cry Little Sister' Cover

    MARILYN MANSON HAS RELEASED Cry Little Sister [14.06.2018]

    Marilyn Manson has released a studio recording of Cry Little Sister [theme song from The Lost Boys] via his YouTube channel. The song is also available to stream via Spotify.

    Apparently a studio recording of Manson covering the song Cry Little Sister from the Lost Boys soundtrack was played over the PA during the concert last night at the House of Blues in Las Vegas.

    I found this on YouTube:

    Interesting cover.
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    Yeah, I was pretty excited at first when it started because I love the movie, its soundtrack, that song in particular, and because it reminded me of how awesome it was when Manson started playing it over the PA before Rape of the World Tour shows as a vampire-themed lead-in for the music from The Hunger and "If I was Your Vampire."

    Took me a minute at the show to realize exactly what I was hearing, though! I recognized the song immediately but with everyone​ talking and screaming over the music I could only tell that it sounded a little different at first before I suddenly realized OMFG THIS IS MANSON, lol.

    Another FANTASTIC fucking cover!


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    It sounds like an awesome cover and from the response that recording is getting I think it’s going be big when it is released.

    I expect it’s for a movie or something, but Looking forward to hearing the studio recording properly.

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    Damn this sounds great! Hoping for a release soon (ish).

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    I've been showing this to folks and posting it on social media and the reaction I'm getting is "Didn't he already cover this?" (Not in a condescending way just kinda shocked it hasn't happened already.) That was kind of my thought too, it's been long overdue! Really looking forward to a full release.

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    Just the right amount of scratchy, pitch black, bluesy wail.
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    I kinda want more than a little for Manson to just keep releasing nothing but these great covers he's been up to with Tyler. The original version of this song is pretty unbeatable and it doesn't sound like Manson did so, but the effort is still impressive and I am stoked to hear it in a more ideal medium.

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    Looking forward to the HQ version.

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    My bootleg of the first LA show starts with me asking some rando next to me to hold my contrabnderand recording device and point his phone-light down so I could unfold my foil-wrapped acid, lol.

    And then I have a full recording of this song, except I think Manson's wise enough to only play the first bit and then cut it off midway through just like I'm never in a million years gonna undercut their royalties.

    So sorry. Not posting.


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