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Thread: My Star Trek Journey and appreciation.

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    Default My Star Trek Journey and appreciation.

    Beware nerd levels are high in this post and I don't give a fuck lol.

    Been re-watching Star Trek. I started with The Original Series (which I hadn't seen to completion so I am extremely happy that I have seen them all) I just finished Season 3 three weeks ago I then moved on to the 6 original crew films. Not trying to delay the subject of this thread further but I kind of want to rank my favorite all of those films in order of my most favorite to least favorite film.

    1.Undiscovered Country - Really fucking good, the score on display here is amazing it's my favorite score of any of the films. This film has a really good feeling to it especially having the context of me having watched the TOS seasons recently. It feels like a super high budget episode of TOS disguised as the best political thriller I've seen in a while. It really nails the "I'm tired and getting too old for this" when it comes to how the film deals with the Enterprise crew. Gone is the slapstick, here is the drama and character I was longing for after being so accommodated to TOS. without being on the nose. Alot of lines are delivered brilliantly but this one stands out "Let them die..." Kirks hatred for Klingons from an audience perspectie is justified. Just like the original show Spock is the counterpoint to all prejudices and preconceived notions and it works just like TOS and made me happy. Felt like those TOS episodes where they're all in the briefing room debating about "todays" problem. Honestly my text form doesn't do Shatners line justice at-fucking-all he delivers it with such conviction you can hear his hatred just seep out like lava. Shatner the is king at delivery. Definitely my favorite of the films.

    2. Wrath of Khan - Need I say more, we all know this is good.

    3. Search For Spock - this one is hoky in a lot of places but I still love Christopher Lloyd as a Klingon so entertaining. Chews the screen like a true master.

    4. Star Trek the Voyage Home - I've always been a sucker for the time travel and holodeck episodes. I know most people prefer to keep the plot moving and hate those episodes that go no where. But I love the adventure they can create. Plus seeing the Enterprise Crew interact with 80's culture is hilarious "DOUBLE DUMBASS ON YOU!" cracks me up everytime. Or when the chick asks if they like Italian, that entire dialogue exchange is hilarious.

    5. The Motion Picture - I don't hate this one but it's a super boring movie but also can be really spectacular to look at I mean REALLY SPECTACULAR. I love the special effects and it was enjoyable to watch especially after having just finished TOS. It was cool to see their triumphant return to their ship the Enterprise. Felt earned and powerful. There is no telling what 1970's movie goers thought at the time. I'm sure some were excited to the see the boys back in action!

    6. The Final Frontier - This film sucks plan and simple. People argue it's the most TOS of the films. I disagree, it's the most slow,meandering and boring of the films. It's plot is hardly exploratory beyond anything I haven't already seen done better. Great actor in Sybock though he is quite charming. Roddenberry's concept of a "God" plot was more interesting in countless TOS episodes than anything I saw in this film.

    Now with those nerd ramblings all out of the way I have continued my Trek journey to to begin my voyage with Star Trek: The Next Generation. I haven't watched this show in almost a decade so I am excited. However what I have noticed is if you watch with a good pair of headphones TNG has some of the most immersive music, and ambient noise I have ever heard in Trek. I am serious put on a pair of headphones and just close your eyes, you'll swear you're on the Enterprise. Really top notch sound design that I don't see get a lot of credit.

    My goal after finishing TNG is to watch what is left. Once I finish TNG I will watch all the TNG films and then move onto DS9 and so forth. I love doing this shit. Keep in mind since I'm quite busy in real life I have to pace my nerd stuff out so this journey may last well into 2019 or beyond. Thought I'd share.

    Current Journey Plan:

    The Next Generation, then I will watch Deep Space Nine Seasons 1-5, with a quick stop off at Star Trek Generations. Included with Star Trek First Contact. I will then resume Deep Space Nine Seasons 6-7. Finally I will give Voyager another chance and see if it is worth anything. The final film Star Trek Nemesis will be the bookend to this journey. I will include the supplement of finishing Enterprise as well but it isn't my major focus. This will take a long time but I am fine with pacing it out for however long it takes.
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    I've still never finished "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" or "Star Trek: Voyager" but I'm quite looking forward to it someday when I have a million hours to kill and access to them. All in good time! I figure it's nice to have things to look forward to in your twilight years so no rush.

    That said, "Star Trek: Enterprise" is hands-down my favorite ST show. Sure, it was kinda rocky there at first but omg ALL the shows were so w/e. Once it got going with the Xindi arc IT WAS ON and that show was badass af. Lotsa good stuff sprinkled throughout the first two seasons, too. It's a VASTLY underrated entry in the franchise.

    Speaking of which, WTF no "Star Trek: The Animated Series"...?!?

    i r sadface


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