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Thread: Evan Rachel Wood

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    Soooo I really do enjoy West World... No Rape involved. Well actually there might be something like that in a scene or 3 but meh still a great show.

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    I really like to know who did that to her! I think it's very important to name the person who raped her, so this person can be stopped and women are warned. Weinstein is now bankrupt because of the allegations and he will never ever produce a film again, so well deserved!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celiny-O View Post
    She said it happened ten years ago, yeah? Doesn’t that timeline put her with Mickey Rourke?
    She said first a decade ago, then stated "7 years ago since my rapes, plural" (7 years ago I'm assuming was the storage room attacker based on her stated timeline)... anywho

    "I would like to say to my attackers: I don't hate you; I feel sorry for you. I'm not here to shame you; I'm here to understand you, and I want you to understand me, but you have to listen first."

    She mentions her son, as well, and what the future may hold for him

    This committee is for the state-level implementation of the Sexual Assault Survivors' Bill of Rights Act (already enacted for federal level victims)
    "for the preservation of a rape kit up to 20 years or the duration of the statute of limitations and a waiving of fees for survivors' own forensic examinations"

    Don't tell me what to do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vertigo View Post
    I really like to know who did that to her! I think it's very important to name the person who raped her, so this person can be stopped and women are warned. Weinstein is now bankrupt because of the allegations and he will never ever produce a film again, so well deserved!
    Yeah, she also made this texto that i've only read today:

    She is being a fighter, besides all her talents, she does really seems to have found some strength. Maybe someday she will have the courage to name her abuser so all this doubt could end. However, I can understand that she may have a misture of fear and kind of compaxion for her abuser, that she may with that nothing bad happens to him.. Just that he could stop it.

    As I said before, I wasn't awere of the dimension of the abusive relationships, that all this information made me a bit overwhelmed.

    At the same time she did world with Allen Wood that is accused of raping his own daughter... (maybe at that time nothing had happen to her and she wasn't awere?)

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    Chillin' Killin'

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    Few things to unpack here.

    Couldn't agree more with the sentiment of Shangs and a few others here. Consider their words mine as well for the sake of time. Furthermore, I do consider myself a feminist, in that I believe in a social and economic structure designed with the wants and needs of women in mind, which is not the system we have now, at least in America.

    There's long been fundamental issues with the methods and even certain objectives of the pseudo-feminist surge that's been going on the past 6-7 or so years, and it's beginning to crumble to the ground entirely, despite what this 'Hollywood reckoning' will have you believe. The three pillars of the problem come down to neoliberalism, tribal gender radicalism, and feminism being a fashion trend. The larger 'movement' as a whole, is now on it's third attempt at a strategy, yet one destined to fail. It started with 'ends justify the means': Forgoing and even cynically manipulating objective fact for the purpose of sparking quick fixes as fast as possible, which ended up backfiring immensely and not addressing the actual needs of women. It's why we don't talk about the wage gap, or 'social constructs' anymore. Next was 'lowest hanging fruit.' Think of seeing the words 'problematic' and 'perpetuates' in facebook posts and you'll likely know what I mean, which reduced feminism largely to a bit of a joke with the 'SJW' crowd getting too involved. Now, frustrated at the complete lack of tangible change, we're now onto horizontal-leadership militarism - us vs them, venting of anger. Ask OWS and BLM how that went for them.

    I'm rapidly summarizing what could take hours to properly get into, but all in all, #MeToo is the last battle cry of a dying warrior. 20 years ago people used to say 'I'm not a feminist, but..' and while that's not a preferable situation, it allowed for progress to be made. Now, people say 'I am a feminist, but..' and that's disheartening, because you can only go down from there. Feminism is a meme now, co-opted by the worst among us, whether it be the rich and powerful manipulating women to prop up a system that actively works against them, whether its genuine man-haters, whether its attention seekers, or whether it's people trying to sell you shit. Best case scenario, people will get their shit together, have the big debates and conversations within a civil and fruitful discourse, find proper leadership, and something better will rise from the ashes. Worst case scenario, feminism will be a joke for another 10 or 15 years again, relegated to being sold on t-shirts to upper class white teenage girls.

    As for the actual topic of this thread. I'm indifferent to ERW as a person. On one hand she's undoubtedly quite a talent, and on the other she strikes me as a bit wayward and selfish but that's my own tabloid pettiness. Her testimony was absolutely powerful and important in and of itself, I was pretty entranced by it. However, I would be a bit ticked if she is indeed referring to Manson, considering she was singing his praises not a year ago. Certainly, their relationship was volatile and likely pretty damn unhealthy, and Manson was indeed a fucked up human at the time, but this is a question of agency, something the MeToo movement really needs to sort their shit out on. This isn't Dark City or something like that, you cannot reconfigure and recast situations after the fact. The reality that, based on the tweet posted above, she's effectively created a juicy 'whodunit' situation leads me to believe that if she is referring to Manson, best case scenario she's simply trying to create change in a selfless manner without anyone getting hurt, even if it means pulling a 'based on a true story.' Likely scenario, she's recasting, though her feelings are all the same. I'd like to think she's not pulling an Amber Heard. However, one would think Manson would be hiding in a bunker if it was about him, and he seems to be doing anything but, so I'm not remotely sure if it's even about him.

    Since the thread is closed and I can't comment on it there, that Charlyne Yi lady was an example of a worst case scenario and MeToo gone stupid. She claimed he "harassed about every woman." What I find downright fascinating about that is, Manson isn't some powerful industry figure who could end careers on a whim, he's an adequately popular rock star, so the fact that not one single woman, nor anyone else who was there, has backed up her remarks, has stood by another woman describing supposed abuse and who is still 'triggered' by it six years later, is telling. It's clear to me at least that this is a woman who waited for the optimal time to kick a man while he was down, as both a petty vengeance play and as a way to get a slice of those tasty MeToo headlines, making her, most likely, a gigantic asshole.
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    Exactly, I 100% agree with you. There are a lot of people, even women, that use this metoo movement only for profit. And it makes me mad!!!

    At the same time, it seems that it gaveta some voice to the voiceless...

    Anyway, about ERW, I want to believe that she doesnt says who they were because that is not the purpose. She wanted to point out that rape and violence doesnt affect you only on those minutes/hours, it will affect you forever and help for the victims should be provided.

    However, that tweet maybe was Just to clarify that she really didn't date Mickey Rourke and is trying to end that rumor for once.. But it kinda made it worse for the manson rumors. Oh, Well.. Only they know what happen during their relationship, and while none of them make any public declaration it is not ou business.

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