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Thread: [x076] JUN 19 2018 - Ippodromo San Siro - Milan, Italy

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    Default [x076] JUN 19 2018 - Ippodromo San Siro - Milan, Italy

    JUN 19 2018

    Venue: Ippodromo San Siro
    Location: Milan, Italy


    Members Attending:

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    Heading to the airport soon, hopefully no cancellations and delays this time.

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    Remember 1997's Bizarre Festival performance? This show was the 2018 version of that. Pure chaos and confusion but ultimately the best/worst show of the tour.

    Our plane landed in Milan at 11pm the night before the show and we went straight to the venue (it did take us a while to get there though, as the subway was already closed and the venue was at the ass end of the city). 8 people had already been there and the only way to get my tickets was at the venue's box office, which is fucking bullshit). Still made it to the front row and had an awesome spot. Doors opened half an hour late (6.30 pm) and instead of at 7.45 pm, the opening act - some random Italian band - went on at around 8.15 pm / 08.30 pm and played until 9 pm. Manson was gonna be on at 9.30 pm (scheduled to play until 10.45 pm) but since everything else had been delayed, we thought he'd be late, but nope. Show started at 9.30 pm, no intro, nothing. Just a lot of smoke and the "we hate love, we love hate" chant. FUCK IT.

    Already in the beginning there were some technical problems, something seemed off, Manson was pissed as fuck. At everything and everyone. Mostly Judd. He had a lot of towels, microphones and vodka cups thrown at him that night. Manson himself was better than ever, in top shape, voice great, just raging. Juan broke his bass guitar in two parts (not sure when that happened). During KILL4ME, Manson kicked his mic stand and only missed a security guard by a few inches. Security guy pissed as fuck lol. He also threw a water bottle straight at me, I caught it right before it hit my face. At the same time some stupid cunt hit my girlfriend in the neck, so I made use of that water bottle at splashed the water right in her stupid face. Manson must have broken at least 10 mics that night. Almost hit the crew or Juan most of the time. He didn't stick to the setlist, there was a long break after Sweet Dreams, skipped SAY10 and The Fight Song. Nobody seemed to know what's going on, the crew was arranging the podium, then brought out a mic stand, then took it back again. I thought the show was over. Then Antichrist Superstar. More mic problems. Manson threw the mic, got a new one. Another long break. The Beautiful People. Cry Little Sister. Coma White. Right after Coma White, Manson decided to throw in SAY10 lol, crew had to react quickly, but it worked great as a closer. Manson left the stage after 95 minutes at 11.05 pm, 20 minutes of which were spent raging and breaking stuff.

    01. Irresponsible Hate Anthem
    02. Angel With The Scabbed Wings
    03. Deep Six
    04. This Is The New Shit
    05. Disposable Teens
    06. Moonage Daydream (Intro) / mOBSCENE
    07. KILL4ME
    08. I Don’t Like The Drugs [But The Drugs Like Me] (Intro) / The Dope Show
    09. Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)
    10. Antichrist Superstar
    11. The Beautiful People
    12. Cry Little Sister
    13. Coma White
    14. SAY10

    Going to shows in Italy is always super exhausting (it's hot, Italian fans are crazy - to get a front row spot getting there early in the morning is usually too late, and the organization is usually a mess), but it was so worth it. Probably my favorite show to date, and the absoluty opposite of shows like Haarlem or Dresden, where everything was super laid-back and chill. You never know what to expect at a Manson show, and that's what still makes him the most interesting live act out there. Huge respect to Manson, his band and his crew. Everyone's doing one hell of a job up there. Even Judd, who got the shit end of the stick that night.

    Thank you, Manson. See you on the next tour.
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