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Thread: Marilyn Manson & Rob Zombie announce TWINS OF EVIL: The Second Coming Tour 2018!

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    I legit thought this was a joke...

    Quote Originally Posted by YoureAlreadyHere View Post
    Sad to see no florida dates...
    Last twins of evil I missed due to weather.
    May have to fly out, but if shit goes sour...:(
    Same. I expect I won't be in PA by July, but I might fly back up for this.
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    Visually the first TOE tour was one of my favorites and the last real good one, hopefully the theatrics this time will be great as well

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    I genuinely laughed.
    Never been a Zombie fan, but apparently he puts on a good show. Hopefully Manson does well.

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    If I go I'm throwing a banana at Rob Zombie's head.

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    Awesome news! Saw Manson and Zombie together in Las Vegas when they last toured back in 2012. Manson wasnít too good but Zombie was phenomenal. Manson seems in a better place, considering the last tour, so hopefully heíll be good. If Manson isnít good, you can always count on Zombie to put on a good fuckiní show.

    And Iím glad that theyíre coming close to where I live, and the amphitheater isnít terrible either. Beats Glen Helen Amphitheater by a long shot.

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    Super-excited for these shows!

    I actually really enjoyed the first Twins of Evil tour so I'm 100% down with this.



    Quote Originally Posted by Cringeon View Post

    Tour Dates:

    7/11/18 Detroit, MI DTE Energy Music Center
    7/14/18 St. Louis, MO Hollywood Casino Amphitheater
    7/15/18 Chicago, IL Hollywood Casino Amphitheater

    I absolutely LOVE that they're taking it head-on and kicking the tour off with the first and third dates being RIGHT where everything went to shit the first time around, lol.


    Quote Originally Posted by Indeed View Post
    The only thing that bothers me, wasn't Manson just at these cities? Vegas / Phoenix for sure...

    What about Canada? I live in Vancouver, I've been waiting forever.
    Well, Manson's playing that metal festival in Canada too and two shows is pretty standard for a quick run of dates like this.

    And by the time the tour passes through Vegas it will have been over six months since he was last there, so I see no problems with that. Hell, he played two dates there back-to-back last time so clearly the demand is there, regardless.


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    Now to hope this run makes it to Europe, the TOE tour was my first Manson show and I loved it so much! Would love a re-run, especially now I follow tours a lot more :)
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    Is Zombie headlining again?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TH15x15xMYxOMeGA View Post

    Is Zombie headlining again?
    Most likely. Heís the one that grabs the bigger crowd. He plays in pretty large venues regularly.

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    Basically every date is an amphitheater. Speaking of, Has anyone been to the Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Blossom Music Center amph? It looks old and awkward and sorta kinda lovely.

    Don't tell me what to do.

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