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Thread: [108]: AUG 18 2018 - Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion - Woodlands, TX

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    I'm not sure if you guys are being willfully obtuse (yes I am and you are) but you all seemed to miss the part where I explained that people probably wouldn't feel this way about Manson if it were just a matter of cancelling shows because he can't physically handle it every so often. I especially expect more out of S.D. in particular because he's not usually one to do something like latch onto a specific singular point and acting as if that's the entirety of the message being conveyed.

    So again, it's not about cancelling shows. It's about cancelling shows thrown in with all the other shit. I have no idea the exact number of shows Manson has cancelled in his career because I'd be a goddamn insane person if I just had that stat memorized. Honestly, that number could be lower than the same stat for let's say... NIN shows. But you know why NIN fans don't get so pissed off in droves when Trent cancels a show due to illness? NIN doesn't sound like they did in 1996, Trent is older now. He has more or less has a completely different vocal range than he did in NIN's prime. Sometimes his voice cracks. Sometimes he messes up a lyric. And yet, people are willing to let this stuff go. Because when NIN does play a show, it's very clearly being given 110% every single night.

    Why do you think the same isn't true for Manson? Why do you think he's become more or less an absolute joke in the music community, particularly in regard to live shows? Because he's a bit older and not in the same shape he was at 25? Because he has to take a sick day every once in a while? Because a not-insignificant number of fans and superfans have given up on Manson for just no reason whatsoever? Or do you think it's because of the 10+ year stretch of the majority of shows taking place when he's barely coherent enough to mumble through 80% of the set and spend the other 20% blabbing some nonsense to/at/near Twiggy? Maybe it's because people got sick of every show they attended being a sad, zero-effort shitshow? I'm genuinely curious what you guys believe to be the cause of what is, despite your protestations, a not remotely uncommon perception of modern era Manson? Do you think people like me who used to love everything Manson did suddenly decided that we're going to be nitpicky cynics towards something we held very dear at one point? Why do you think people feel this way about Manson but don't feel this way about his contemporaries who aren't too fucked up to perform most nights?

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    oh boy you're so dead now lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nemoris Inferioris View Post
    Morons online will only say he was on too much drugs and should retire because obviously he can't handle it anymore, despite kicking ass all throughout this tour. Have the flu? "Yeah right! He overdosed!" Lol these people are so insensitive, ignorant, and straight up assholes. Ohhhh well.
    When people know the person leading the show is a compulsive liar and has a history of drug use...can you REALLY blame them? And a 2 day flu? More like the bottle flu. I wouldn't say overdosed, but probably was too hung over or drank too much to be able to perform. Although I will say when I saw him here recently he seemed pretty damned sober and that's the first time I can say that. i've seen him plenty amounts of times.

    It's also sad when while you're seeing him you have to worry that he might stop the show because of something like this or throwing a fit. The WHOLE time I was praying neither of those would happen and they didn't...then two days later, BOOF.

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    You're basically describing a 1995 Danzig tour show. Too fucked up to perform and unclear if more than 5 songs will be played or not. Bitch please. Manson has been performing way more than back in the day, almost non-stop from 2012 to today, and the shows just keep getting better. Twins of Evil is haunted by chaos but that's what he's all about ffs. I've witnessed 3 or 4 shows where it was unclear if they were gonna be over or not, and he fucking killed it. 2015 he almost collapsed in Vienna after Tourniquet, we thought the show was over, right before he went straight into the most epic Hate Anthem performance. 2014 he overheated in Prague, but pushed through, even bringing back Mister Superstar. 2018 Milan show was pure fucking chaos, he was pissed as fuck, skipped songs, only to end the show with an epic SAY10 performance, one of the songs he skipped before. Shit got broken, it was beautiful.

    For the past 15 years people who still like what Manson does feel pressured to "defend" the man, not because we're deniers or silly fan boys, but simple because we still fucking love and appreciate what he does. Jesus fucking Christ. If you don't like his shows, don't go. I fucking loved every single show, especially the more recent ones in 2014, 2015, 2017 and 2018. Seeing him 5 ft in front of you messing around, just doing his thing, after 30 years on stage, is fucking mesmerizing. But boo-hoo, 2 out of 200 shows on this tour had to be cancelled.

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    Lots of brown nosers here.
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    Who would have thought the world was made up of brown nosers and cry babies.

    Shocked I tell you, shocked!
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