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Thread: God, Jung, nihilism, and a heroic drug combination.

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    Default God, Jung, nihilism, and a heroic drug combination.

    Something has been loosening up inside of me and my hardcore atheistic core ever since I started reading Jung and being exposed to the pervasive idea that runs through all of his teachings; that religion and myth are actually realer than real in their relationship to the human spirit. That caught further momentum when I started doing psychadelics and this week I reached what I didn’t even know I was searching all my life for. I experienced pure light, and I felt it to my core; This is god. This is the thing all religions have been trying to describe.

    What I felt was the idea of the perfect human existence, the truest source of happiness and peace. It was crystal clear how to get there, all I have to do is to follow that inner voice that tells you right from wrong. Because we all know right? Some things are in gray areas, but the vast majority of lifes problems are in clear cut black and white... and we don't take much stock of our conscience these days. Why sit down for a minute of introspection when we have invented infinite technological distractions.

    I saw a battle between two armies, one of which had members that were shining with light and they crushed the opponents. Taking in account what I felt the meaning of god to be that scene is obvious. A society with people who follow moral principles is stronger than one who doesn't.

    I now know why the people of our age are so miserable. No one is interested in being good. No one cares about morals. Nietzsche was more than right when he proclaimed that an age of nihilism was coming after we killed god, maybe the personified concept of a judging god is something we need to literally keep the herd in line. Maybe the problem is that instead of using rationality to update the concept of god and spirituality we decided to get rid of the whole damn thing and it's wreaking havoc on western civilization. The trend of a population suffering from increasing nihilism and mental instability will continue and we will keep sawing at the branch we’re sitting on while wondering why we’re sinking lower and lower.

    This could be explained in a very secular way but I think that flattens the experence. Maybe Jung felt the same way since he used a very dramatic non scientific language in his writings.

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    "age of nihilism was coming after we killed god, maybe the personified concept of a judging god is something we need to literally keep the herd in line."

    truth. And a pity it is the herd requires a crutch of fear in order to do good. Or pretend to do good. Most concealments are brought to light through flaws. Now just flawed and damnless.

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    Seems like your idea relies pretty heavily on the premise that "we all know" some sort of mutual, universally accepted rule of morality or ethics. Which is a concept I don't think any accepted school of biology or philosophy really supports. Or am I misinterpreting something?
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