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Thread: Manson reaction videos to his songs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shangri-LIE View Post
    Evangelical Christians react to The Beautiful People. It doesn't go where you think it should. It's kind of long, but I love how they analyze the song. I really like this one.

    Um. Check the first post in this thread ;P
    Quid ignorantia sit multi ignorant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enname View Post
    Um. Check the first post in this thread ;P
    You know I don't do that. But I really should have. lol My bad

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    These two grannies were afraid of him at first, but in latter videos, their appreciation seems to grow.

    I find her oddly and wierdly attractive, yet Manson wasn't her cup of tea. She seems really genuine with her reactions, in my eyes.

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    Reaction videos are the bane of my YouTube existence. I don't understand the appeal at all and wish I could filter them off my search results. Why do people like watching some dork make an O face and overreact? I just don't get it.

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