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    I was on and off The Loud House since it started in 2016, and just got around to following it again. I was thinking about making a thread on The Loud House and finally decided to do so while it was still around, and at least before the 2010s ended. What got me into the show was actually because it seemed to sometimes enter Hey Arnold! and Dexter's Laboratory territory, which were both shows that I grew up with, and I would also highly recommend it to anybody that's ever enjoyed and loved Hey Arnold! and Dexter's Laboratory. I was very surprised to even hear about a movie actually being made, but it was postponed for the time being. It seemed too soon, especially for a Nicktoon. Speaking of which, some parts of this show gave me a 1990s and early 2000s vibe that Nickelodeon used to give me, especially as far as my inner 1990s child goes, along with the nostalgia that came with it. Much to my surprise, some of the background art also looks like something you'd see in Daria aside from Dexter's Laboratory. If it was geared towards older audiences, it could easily be very much akin to other shows such as The Simpsons or Family Guy, with a comic book design/style included. Some of the background music even reminds me of Peanuts. This is also pretty much the only actual Nicktoon I bothered to follow since SpongeBob SquarePants, and I certainly hope that it stays around for a while.

    I'd also like to admit that I also sometimes prefer the slice of life genre when it comes to animated sitcoms, as it can make for a more relaxed viewing experience, not to mention all the more relatable in certain instances.
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