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Of course he probably drew from Eno, and of course he was probably familiar with the song. But given that it's a common guitar technique, I don't think they necessarily have to have much else correlation than that. A lot of this stuff can just come from the back of your brain, too. Maybe he hadn't heard that song in years, forgotten all about it, but it was still bouncing around in there enough to subconsciously influence things. People write songs without realizing how badly they've copied something all the time. Then we have to remember it was likely Twiggy, not Manson, who wrote that part.

Anyway, not that I'd suggest any of these have any particular influence on Manson (Apart from maybe Yes), here's three really obvious of how prevalent it can be without even really looking too hard.


Ok, the songs... I hear similarities, but not the way it is in the ENO song which has the same pace and everything else. It was far more obvious to me the moment I heard it that it came from the Eno song than Muse or from a Yes song... although... that would be hilarious. Manson making a punk song using a guitar technique from a band that represents everything punk hated.... As for Yes, did you ever watch Buffalo 66? the end scene where Vincent Gallo starts shooting? the 3D panning? the Yes song... just love that so much.... (The rest of the soundtrack with Yes, King Crimson etc. is brilliant too... the tap dancing to Moonchild...

Anyway.... point is. you mentioned yourself that sometimes they take it without realising. It might be the case. I dont suggest he perhaps sat down with Twiggy and said. lets borrow this (Although Bowie did very much so) however as you say, it could have been in the back of the mind.... 90% of the decisions we make are subconscious after all... so I dont disagree with you. I just find it to be veeeeery close.