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Thread: What song should MM and RZ cover next ?

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    Default What song should MM and RZ cover next ?

    MM and RZ are asking the fans for help choosing the next song they should cover next.

    My first pick his I got you babe !
    My second idea is that they should try to write a new song together
    Sorry for my poor english ,i'm a french Canadian from Montréal

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    I saw this post on a Manson fan page on Facebook, and I'm gonna stick with my pick. I think due to their mutual love for Alice Cooper (and they've both toured with him in recent years) ), they should cover an Alice song.

    "Roses on White Lace" would be my personal favorite, or "The Ballad of Dwight Fry". But for a live show, they'd probably do something more popular than a deep cut. So "Feed My Frankenstein" would be a good choice.

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    Paint It Black

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    Misery Machine.

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    Well helter skelter was a flop. I agree with unpretty unsafe.
    Chillin' Killin'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mephisto View Post
    Well helter skelter was a flop.
    It was? How many shows did you see it performed at?

    Although neither artist is a stranger to this suggestion, I'd really like to see them do something by Black Sabbath, probably Electric Funeral. Take their brooding, low-range vocals as demonstrated on tracks like I Want To Kill You Like They Do In The Movies or Blood, Milk And Sky, and apply it to a classic Sabbath tune.


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    Don't You Want Me (Baby!)
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    Paradise by the Dashboard Light would be pretty cool

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    I believe Cry Little Sister was way more strong for Manson than Helter Skelter. In this manner, I'd rather prefer a new Johnny Cash cover by Jennings and Manson to promote this tour than a new collab with Zombie...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Golden Eel View Post
    Misery Machine.
    That would actually be amazing. Zombies vocals would suit it well.

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