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Thread: Marilyn Manson releases GODS GONNA CUT YOU DOWN single and video

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    Yeah I guess your right. Still its great to have the track available to stream.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Justsomeguy View Post
    I certainly recall it being longer than the last two albums. That lines always been particularly downright fascinating to me, no matter who its applied to. Its a new-ish thing I believe, I didnt start seeing it used with incredible frequently until maybe a decade ago. Just this idea that a public figure or an artist only has worth or is only worth hearing out if they fit some nebulous definition of relevance, which I assume is synonymous with consistent presence in corporate-run media. What a dull and dreary walk through life that must be.

    It still makes me do a puppy-head-tilt every time. The other week I was out celebrating a friends birthday, and some girlfriend of one of his other friends noticed I had a Sabbath song paused on my iPhone when I checked a text message, hand to god she said Isnt black sabbath not even relevant anymore? I think they had a song in one of the Iron Man movies but that was like ten years ago. You can gather she was on the younger side.
    I think you are right, definitely more than the last two albums. For Manson I am used to the perpetual fan disappointment that he isn't speaking to current events, but I had never really expected him to be judged by relevance outside of fandom. Especially as so many current artists don't obviously meet any nebulous criteria other than 'making a great deal of money'. What makes me stop and go 'huh' is both the narrowing of what is 'relevant' and the broadening of subjective opinion. Artistic merit, personal connection, actual reality of corporate saturation - none of these things count or are added into the 'feeling' of the person shrugging it off, nor often, even interests them. Dreary indeed, and so unfullfilling.
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    Great music video. Probably one of my favorites. Manson is more "scary" dressed up in jeans, a wife beater underneath a flannel, and getting out of a pickup truck with a shovel.

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    only 12 songs for a solo show??? really? plus they played just first verse from GGCD. :/

    from last night show in TX

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mephisto View Post
    only 12 songs for a solo show??? really? plus they played just first verse from GGCD. :/

    from last night show in TX
    YEP!! INDEED! and you have to pay this kinda shitty short gigs, snipped fucking songs and basic plaaah plaah plaah....
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    And according to they didn't do mOBSCENE or Nobodies (but they did do Coma White.) 10.5 songs, no opening act. There were people who paid $149 for tickets, lol.

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    Well, since the tour section seems to have been abandoned...

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    I like his outfit. He should play the full song though and not just the first verse.

    As far as the short set, Im not really surprised. I was going to go to the Anaheim show, which is like 45 minutes away from where I live, but decided against it. All thats left are scalpers tickets for like $149. Not worth it. But I guess it depends on who you are. :/

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    I've said it before and i'll say it again ,i'll never spend a dime to see that joke on stage again

    12 songs (or 10.5 wathever)?? He's clearly laughing in our face

    So fucking sad

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    Quote Originally Posted by gabrieltoxic View Post
    Well, since the tour section seems to have been abandoned...

    Wow ,that was hard to watch and hear

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