For quite some time, there are moments where I forget the Toy Story was still actually a thing. Anyway, I at least got to catch up with Toy Story 4 a few months ago last year. The first 2 movies will be my most favorites however, but seeing Toy Story 3 and Toy Story 4 easily let me know why the franchise has held up for so long. A good 24 years as a matter of fact. I can't believe that this franchise is almost a 25 years old already, at a quarter of a century.

As for the first Toy Story, the character Sid and his house among the darker sides of the movie can very much well go with some Portrait of an American Family vibes, let me tell you. =P

I was also reminded as to how bittersweet this franchise can be, which is why I sometimes don't watch it, despite the fact that I never stopped liking it.