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Thread: Your Favorite Band Sucks - A comedy podcast about overrated bands.

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    Default Your Favorite Band Sucks - A comedy podcast about overrated bands.

    One thing I'd like to make clear is that this podcast is very much satirical, facetious and jocular. On the other hand though, they certainly have credibility and are knowledgeable of what they speak of in regards to genres and music history. When they get serious with legitimate opinions and ideas, it turns out they even in spite of trolling for comedic effect and roasting popular bands and fan-bases, they're also exposing and demolishing particular hypocrisies, inconsistencies, contradictions, fallacies and fabrications regarding particular stances on music. It even successfully manages through cut through all the levels and layers of elitists and poseurs among music fans. As blatant, brazen or subtle their jokes can get, they still make very valid and logical claims, while successfully added their comedic element to the show as intended.

    Either way, it seems like it'll be a tremendous hit or miss. You're either on the train or off it in this case. The expression seems very apt. If anything, it reminded me not to take debates and arguments about music too seriously, while also being very humbling in spite of the slagging here and there, even if also just done in exaggerated jest. And ultimately, just more proof that nothing is ever completely void of criticism nor infallible/perfect at all times.

    And well, I'll just let the videos speak to themselves so you can see what this podcast is all about along with URLs to where they can be reached via social media along with their actual site.

    I also found this podcast by looking up "Nine Inch Nails Suck" on YouTube, but that's also because I sometimes like to see Nine Inch Nails performing Suck live. I was triggered at first, but gave it a chance and then eventually came to understand and appreciate their intentions, as it helped me put music into perspective.

    At the same time though, if this podcast is also an abomination, blasphemy and sacrilege to you as a fan, I still can't say that I blame you either, but their sense of humor seemed to just gel well with me.

    Oh, and should you feel like posting any of these videos to any band's respective threads, I'd certainly encourage you to do so, as it helps spread the show either way, as they themselves have also said.

    I suppose it also helped that I sometimes have a habit of typing *Insert Popular Topic Sucks* on Google. I guess it just paid off this time around.

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