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Thread: Fear or Love?

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    Default Fear or Love?

    I had so many threads in mind, but I thought of making this my last one for now before I really slow my roll.

    If it really is true that all positive and negative thoughts and emotions boil down to fear and love at the core of them, I'd have to say that fear is still dictating and governing my life most if not all of the time. And as I enter middle age with regrets replaying in my mind occasionally, this particular question is hitting me harder than ever these days.

    I noticed I'm usually with the least amount of fear, or no fear at all when I'm in my comfort zone and where everything is pretty much planned and controlled by myself. However, I still have to force myself to deal with fear as it's needed to just move on and live some type of productive and even normal day to day life.

    I would also say that fear definitely motivates me more than comfort, convenience and even money itself. Pondering about the consequences and punishments of life, and simply how things could go wrong, have also kept me in line and made me think twice while just keeping it moving and me minding my own business and staying out of trouble.

    The older I get, the more I realized that just about everything I do is out of fear. (Well, not literally everything, but at least everything regarding mental health and survival.) Without fear, I'd just give in to just about/almost all of my impulses/urges and not even think about it.

    So as of now, is your life more on the side of fear or love?

    As I haven't mentioned, it's been definitely more on the side of fear, but I still hope to reach a point to where I cross over to the love side of things.

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    I have decided to stick with love

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