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Thread: Do you enjoy The Golden Age Of Grotesque more than EAT ME, DRINK ME?

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    Default Do you enjoy The Golden Age Of Grotesque more than EAT ME, DRINK ME?

    I do.


    @S.D. - Yeah, I know. (As it's a imitative play on your Born Villain/The Pale Emperor thread.) I probably should've done this sooner.

    But seriously though, not to trash Eat Me, Drink Me, but I still find myself listening to The Golden of Age of Grotesque a lot more.

    Interestingly enough, I have been noticing more fans preferring Eat Me, Drink Me more, so who knows how even this type of poll will end up this time around?

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    I think overall, yes I do.

    Although Manson was entrepreneurial in using multimedia during both Mechanical Animals and Holy Wood, he didn't get to really play with numerous platforms (I don't just mean shoes) until The Golden Age Of Grotesque. Fans felt they were genuinely *part* of the record whilst keeping up with his Journal posts, and frequent online updates at the official site. It's worth noting that he was deliberately and understandably tight-lipped in the build up to Holy Wood, having sworn off rolling press coverage. ...Grotesque was different; in lampooning 'Celebrity' culture and the media in general, he therefore had to embrace it. Seeing him at red carpet events, rubbing shoulders with a surprising array of luminaries, and generally having fun again made the record seem like a fully immersive experience.

    He took a very similar approach during EAT ME, DRINK ME and The High End Of Low, although with more emphasis on secrecy. News and appearances were sporadic and intentionally confusing.
    The Golden Age Of Grotesque was the result of scheming, planning, and intentionally wanting to assault the listener with an 'Epic' (sorely over-used word these days, but appropriate here) experience, and one during which (if they so chose) keeping up with his various mouthpieces would yield best results.
    It was a satisfying record in the sense that you could plot a course from his online thoughts to what happened on the album, and then on stage, or in music videos. He often claims he wants his records to feel "cinematic", and although the intent was notably implicit throughout, I think he achieved that with no loose ends during the 2002-03 period.

    A well-choreographed, savvy, sneering and confident record during a period when music, culture, politics and even the public's approach to outrage were changing drastically.

    All that said, I don't dislike EAT ME, DRINK ME, but even by his own admission it was an understated record produced both after and during a tumultuous period in his personal life. Should one want a rollicking, balls-out Manson experience that employs some of his strongest wordplay and definitive swagger, ...Grotesque is the more evergreen choice.

    Quote Originally Posted by Halo Infinity View Post
    @S.D. - Yeah, I know. (As it's a imitative play on your Born Villain/The Pale Emperor thread.) I probably should've done this sooner.
    Not to worry, I am very cool at ideas.

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    I think they're just two very different albums to be judged closely together.

    Personally I could say yes I enjoy it more because TGAOG was the album I got first, the era I became a fan. All the aspects of it pulled me in and I loved the dada of it all that he wanted to put out there and in such high quality musically and visually.

    But I'm also a massive fan of EMDM.

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    I prefer GAoG, the sounds resonate with me more overall. Mind that I quite enjoy EMDM and adore a few tracks off it. GOaG however has that grinding pace and ambiance. Plus all the side work and special events felt pretty epic.

    I will always be in love with the preliminary shows.

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    I prefer Eat Me, Drink Me.

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    GAOG > EMDM barely.

    I've got mood poisoning, it must be something that I hate.

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    GAoG is certainly better sonically. EMDM sorely lacks warmth and depth. Both are a bit lifeless due to rigid tempos and ruthless editing. Both are overly compressed. I tend to tune out during EMDM; it just seems to kind of lazily waft out of the speakers while GAoG has more impact overall.

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    Here's the thing. Both albums are full of songs that sound similar with each other. The songs on EMDM all sound very similar, besides a few. Same goes for TGAOG. So, each album has little variety of styles to choose from; however I find EMDM easier to listen to.

    TGAOG is 13/15 tracks, all sharing a similar sound, and I find it difficult to listen to as a whole, as it's such a loud and noisy album, and I think there are a few filler tracks. I still really like the album, I just need to be in the right mood to listen to it. Same with EMDM. EMDM Is only 11 tracks and has a more interesting style imo.

    I agree with A Gruesome Discovery, TGAOG has a bit more dynamic, yet both albums are kinda rough on the ears.

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    In late 2001 Manson released Tainted Love. I thought it was an amazing cover and was hoping that was the direction he was going to go with his sound on the next record, which in interviews at the time he said was gonna sound like 'Marquis De Sade with a drum machine'. I was pretty excited thinking it was gonna be this more electro/industrial sounding Manson like the new 'Tainted Love' song or similar to songs on Mechanical Animals like 'User Friendly'. I'd been a fan since 1996, so all Mansons albums since then had been amazing, and i'd play them religiously for the next 18 months. When I first heard mOBSCENE I was not blown away or pumped at all, it sounded like Manson on autopilot. I brushed this off as 'Disposable Teens' was a similar Manson on autopilot song obviously made for the radio, and maybe the rest of the album would be more impressive. And I guess it was, opening with that intro and straight into 'This is the new Shit' was a pretty good experience! But I do remember sitting with 2 of my fellow Mansonite friends and we all noted that this album lacked magic the previous albums had, and that Manson was now heading into the downward slope of his career, I.E. - he'd past his peak.

    A similar experience was had with 'Eat me Drink me' I thought 'Personal Jesus' was a return to form and I loved the sound and hoped the next album was gonna go in this direction, thinking that Tim Skold had brought over his industrial rock talents to improve Mansons sound. Manson looses Dita, and vows he is creating this vampiric gothic rock album. AGAIN, I got excited! As this was more in the direction to what I'm into, plus I'd also come out of a long term relationship myself! When I first heard the album, I was SO, disappointed. It ended and I thought 'is that it?' I'd never felt this way about a Manson record before. Eventually the album grew on me a bit, Mutilation is the most.... Red Carpet Grave, Putting Holes Happiness, Evidence for example are great.

    So I definitely prefer Golden Age of Grotesque over Eat me Drink me. I was mildy disappointed in GOAG when it first came out, I thought it was too heavy, and happy. But it was the last Marilyn Manson - the band, album, and it still sounds like that band. Eat me Drink me was the beginning of a new era, Marilyn Manson - the person, and it was the beginning of 3 lackluster albums where he'd lost his mojo. It almost felt as if it was when he felt he didn't even have to try anymore because he thought he was so amazing, and could just rush out an album which would be great and people would buy it, an inflated ego. And so now, GAOG doesn't seem so bad considering what came later!

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    And then theres the other spectrum of fans who adore those 3 albums.... I really love EMDM and THEOL, and half of BV. You can pick and choose what you like from them, but as you said, it's a new era of Manson, so ppl will either love or hate it.

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