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Thread: - Happy Birthday Marilyn Manson -

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    Default - Happy Birthday Marilyn Manson -

    51 years ago on 1.5. chaos was birthed into the world. Raised on the American way of life featuring religion, violence, entertainment, celebrities, serial killers and glossed over with children's cartoons, Marilyn Manson quickly propelled himself into an unstoppable rock star.

    Becoming public enemy number one as Antichrist Superstar was unleashed on the world and the religious right feared he was bringing about the apocalypse. Raising the issues in America with Guns, God and Government, expressing himself confidently and fearlessly in all artistic aspects and rising as The Pale Emperor - the last rock star.

    Marilyn Manson continues to turn the world upside down and ravage the world with pure unstoppable chaos, leaving a trail of destruction and confusion behind him.

    From Provider Module and all the fans:
    Happy Birthday Marilyn Motherfuckin' Manson

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    Many wishes of debauchery and delight for Mazza!
    "I'm not special, I'm just broken, and I don't wanna be fixed..."

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    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rolando View Post
    Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!
    uyyyyy wenaa poh xD

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    Tim Skold attended his birthday party. The two of them did karaoke to Tainted Love.

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