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Thread: MM featured in Rolling Stone Italia

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    Default MM featured in Rolling Stone Italia

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    Kind of an ugly cover, due to how it was edited, but not unlike past covers. Still pretty cool tho. Reminds me very much of TGAOG era. Excited to see new photos for the new album.
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    i really like the cover,yes it's heavy edited but it's could be easy the new album cover

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    Interview was fun to read (thanks google translate 👍🏻) also loving the cover. Something different.

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    Does this remind anyone else of that one mini game in Mario Party where you had to stretch Bowser's face to make it look normal again? This looks like when you stretch it all wrong.

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    The cover reminds me, in a weird way, of the shitty CGI used on the cover of Iron Maiden's album Dance Of Death.

    Hope this isn't the record's cover.

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    Manson with that ReBoot cover
    does anyone remember ReBoot

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