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    I agree with your sentiments in the last paragraph. That’s freedom.[

    The topic was quite clearly designated to be about different ideas about chaos. With that said, ass I've alluded to @Lunatic/Mystic- We are stories we tell ourselves and stories other people tell us. In other words. identity and what we think of as awareness, intuition and overall perception is a caricature. I'd argue that all philosophies are mere glitches and that and that our cognitive machinery is accessing internal models and those models are providing information that is wrong. The machinery is computing an elaborate story about a magical-seeming property. And there is no way for the brain to determine through introspection that the story is wrong, because introspection always accesses the same incorrect information. That doesn't strip away wonder for me, not am I concretely adherent to that understanding of "awareness", not does it make life boring or meaningless to me. I'm also not completely in denial of the idea of non locality in consciousness. Even with all of that said, I somehow still believe in ghosts and interdimensional entities (though I don't have an established idea of what 'they' are nor what causes that phenomenon, even if it's just a mind trick. If it's simply magical thinking, it doesn't matter, and I don't care. Several centuries of fatalist skepticism and religious fanaticism along with our scientific methods and tools are literally just out of the primordial muck.

    *Side note - Check out the novel 'Where Late the Sweet Birds Sang" - Published in 1976 by - Kate Wilhelm (It has so much relevance today).

    "As the child becomes a man, he realizes that his uniqueness gives him individuality and the ability to live away from the community, something which the clones are now unable to do. The leaders of the community realize that the latest generations of clones are losing all sense of creativity and are unable to come up with new solutions to problems; simultaneously they see that the growing lack of high-technology equipment will result in the community losing the ability to continue with the cloning process.".

    The rest is up for you to either read or look into.

    As for 2016, nothing changed. Trump becoming the President elect was nothing more than a giant effing alarm clock going off with floodlights exposing everything that had been fermenting for a very long time. The Alt-Right nor the far left have learned anything other than how to have more obnoxious shouting matches with each other. That's it, and only it.

    As for Marilyn Manson, I guess you could say that he's more of an idea than a question mark. He's a hallucination. All of his characters throughout the Triptych years and GAOG have been to demonstrate the silliness and traps people can fall into, of their own doing. Other than it being really good music , I've always taken more interest in the fan base. I still remember old AOL and message board user names from 1995 or so. I also used to talk to M and Pogo. I'm not saying that there was anything special about it, that I'm "in the know", part of some exclusive club or even associated with them, but it was what it was. His art and music made me more extrospective than it did introspective, and still does, other than EMDM and THEOL as I mentioned in another thread.
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