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Thread: We Are Chaos Era Releases Recap

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    Quote Originally Posted by Norsefire View Post
    Thanks vince!

    I wonder if this is the lot now... or if even more vinyls will pop up! Great for us collectors!

    No.... It's terrible for "us" collectors.... So many things to keep up with....

    I missed out on some exclusives .... :(

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    New vinyl.

    Manson fans in Europe/UK : the 20% off code you received doesn’t work for vinyl products BUT for merchandise ONLY.

    It's a shame.

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    Received my red, black & blue spattered album vinyl with the 7" We Are Chaos single this morning. Worth the wait. It's genuinely a beautiful item. Probably the nicest thing I have in my collection, TBH. The intro of the "We Are Khaos" remix is the same audio that was featured on the Revolver website preview, BTW. No indication in the liner notes as to who created the remix, but presumably Shooter. It's by no means the best Manson remix, but it's alright.

    And the "Destroy to Open" tag for the 7" is pretty damn appropriate. I did plan on opening it as carefully as possible, but the vinyl hugs the sides of the cardboard to such an extent that I really didn't feel comfortable opening it with a scissors. Felt like I had no choice but to tear the thing open with my bare hands. There goes the resale value... ;)
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