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Thread: Manson Discusses We Are Chaos in Exclusive Revolver Interview

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    Default Manson Discusses We Are Chaos in Exclusive Revolver Interview

    SARA TAYLOR How are you feeling about the new album? Stoked?

    MARILYN MANSON I am, yes. … It's been a strange path to get to it, because Shooter Jennings and I started it essentially a year and a half ago. We were both touring, so we would work during times when we were both off. But strangely enough, WE ARE CHAOS, lyrically, and for the most part musically, was written about a year and a half ago, and the record was finished in January. We were supposed to release it sooner. [Then] the Ozzy tour that we were meant to do was canceled because he was ill, and then I was a little bit freaked out, in the sense that I was concerned about him. And then also, I had to figure out, "What am I going to do with the rest of my year?" And then the pandemic happened, so that answered the question of what am I going to do for the rest of the year.

    Although the song "WE ARE CHAOS" has nothing necessarily to do with what's happening right now, it has changed from now, when you listen to it. It does feel as if it could have been written about now, but it really wasn't necessarily about anything other than maybe my own mental health, trying to relate with other people about how the world is ... Right now, it's [also about] mental health, that's also a great concern, us being kept indoors for so long can really do work at someone's emotions and their soul, and test their strength in a lot of ways.

    Read the full interview:

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    Pretty decent interview!

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    Thanks for sharing. Just cut the OP down to teaser, because Revolver is the exclusive so we need to link back to them and direct fans there whilst this is so fresh!

    Great interview, bit more insight! Also solid shot by Travis Shinn!

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    It's a really good interview, he sounds what's the word "sincere"? I have very high hopes for this album :)

    I guess this also confirms the "Jesus, My Sweet Brother" song was something Sons of Anarchy had them do and probably why it was dropped after it was played once.

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    I still would love to hear a studio version of Jesus, My Sweet Brother. Thought it sounded great.

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    For anyone interested, this interview with Shooter elaborates on the "Jesus, My Sweet Brother" collaboration. The main takeaway: the true title of the song was actually "Join the Human Gang", and it was eventually rewritten and released as "Come Join the Murder" by the White Buffalo. Also, the song was written by Kurt Sutter and Bob Thiele Jr., and was not a Manson/Jennings composition.

    This has been solved... ;)

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