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Thread: Manson and Shooter already working on a new album

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    Default Manson and Shooter already working on a new album

    I remember I played "Paint You With My Love" to Twiggy [Ramirez], who I had not spoken to in a few years, and he loved it. But when it first came on he asked me who was singing. He didn't recognize my voice cause he had never heard my voice in that key. Shooter helped to expand what I could do. So we got into what ended up being an incredible friendship and collaboration that who knows what will happen next with it. We've already started writing a new record during quarantine because we don't really have much else to do.
    I think it'd be cool and fruitful if they knock out another record in short order - if they can get it in in a year or under - and then perhaps go on tour for both We Are Chaos and the next album at the same time, with most of the setlist comprised of new material. It'll be hard to tour for the next year or two anyway.
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    We can only hope but I’m not going to hold my breath for another album so soon.

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    It’s coming out next month and it could be described as a mix between Antichrist Superstar and Mechanical Animals.

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    Already? Well alright then. I read that interview and somehow didn't notice that line. Sounds good to me.

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    I would so take another, or even an extended EP. They could do some work, and release an EP right before touring resumes.

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    I'd love another album to come out quickly. I remember first looking at the years Bowie released his albums in the 70s and I was amazed that he kept releasing things so quickly and disappointed that it didn't really work like that anymore, then I remembered that he was largely fuelled by cocaine and that it nearly killed him so it probably wasn't the best choice in hindsight.

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    I would welcome a follow-up from this pairing, but I'll remain patient; history suggests that's the prudent approach. That said, without a tour to "get in the way," I suppose a quicker turnaround wouldn't be all that surprising. We shall see.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Justsomeguy View Post
    It’s coming out next month and it could be described as a mix between Antichrist Superstar and Mechanical Animals.
    So its just Holy Wood?

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    And guess what?
    It will be a concept album.
    People will be invited to see it as a movie, with a very cinematic ending.

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