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Thread: Generic subjective continuity - the resumption of experience after death

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    Default Generic subjective continuity - the resumption of experience after death

    I believe Manson is wrong when he sings in "Infinite Darkness" that

    You're dead longer than you're alive... Black is real; you can't hide
    Personally, I subscribe to the doctrine of generic subjective continuity (as advanced by Thomas Clark)/existential passage (Wayne Stewart), which can be conceived of as a secular version of Buddhist doctrines of reincarnation, scrubbed of notions of karma or the different Hells and Heavens that populate certain Buddhist traditions. The theory, roughly, is as follows.

    1. Nothingness cannot exist for the subject. The vulgar notions of "eternal blackness" or darkness or silence that most atheists posit requires the existence of an eternal soul to experience this state, the existence of which I do not accept (much of Western materialism has imported this notion of the soul over wholesale from Christianity).
    2. Spiritual reincarnation, of the kind advanced by Hinduism and certain other Buddhist traditions, is equally fallacious, because there is no core soul or 'self' to incarnate.
    3. If nothingness cannot be experienced, then it follows that there must be a next experience for the subject. This requires some parsing: I do not think there is anything continual, anything retained in this except for experience. No karma, no past-life memories, no identity. Nothing continual except the subjective first-person perception of Self, a qualia which is innate to the universe.

    I'm not the first to think of this idea.

    Tom Clark - Death, Nothingness and Subjectivity
    Wayne Stewart - Metaphysics By Default

    A man named Theodore Bolha has produced quite a few videos on the subject.

    To revenge the misdeeds of the ruling class, there existed in the middle ages, in Germany, a secret tribunal, called the “Vehmgericht.” If a red cross was seen marked on a house, people knew that its owner was doomed by the “Vehm.”

    All the houses of Europe are now marked with the mysterious red cross.

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    Personally I do not believe in any sort of afterlife after death. In my younger and edgier days I may have said "life is pointless, maaaan" but I don't believe that anymore. I think life is what you make of it, for better or worse. Though I understand why people commit suicide and why that finality is so intoxicating. However I still believe that life is worth living as we only get one shot, and however selfish it may be, we need to indulge in all the pleasures we can. Is literally everything humanity does ultimately pointless? Maybe. But that's a problem for another day. And btw that's not to say I don't care about the environment or some shit lmao, I do, but I think you get what I mean.

    The idea of literal nothingness does kinda fuck me up though. So before the apparent Big Bang there was literally nothing...try and even comprehend that. Just nothingness. Used to get high to The High End of Low and think aboot that and it's freak me out. However I don't necessarily fear going to eternal sleep, I do fear myself being wrong and going to some type of hell. I was raised with a religious mother so no matter how hard I try and convince myself I still have a creeping sense of doubt about the afterlife. I look at all religions as a game of telephone, there has to be some sort of truth to the tale somewhere down the line, right? Maybe. Who knows and therein lies the problem.

    Does this sound too pretentious and full of myself? Sorry if so but it's my honest thoughts after I got some liquid courage.
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    I dont believe that there is afterlife after dying. The soul goes back to dust. So I dont believe in reincarnation.

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