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Thread: Gidget Gein CDs Sale

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    Default Gidget Gein CDs Sale

    If you're a real fan of Marilyn Manson & The Spooky Kids this news is for you, AL B Romano (former bandmate of Gidget Gein on The Dali Gaggers) sell many Original CD's of "Confessions Of A Spooky Kid" Gidget's Gein first solo album. every CD are a price of $4,99,the CDs were signed by Gidget Gein and include Guitar Picks. this is a great chance for your collection related with Marilyn Manson Ex Members! check the ebay page

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    Thanks for the heads up. That price is a steal. I snagged one.

    I still need some Three Ton Gate stuff.

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    This is pretty sweet! Especially for that price? Just grabbed myself a copy too. Why the hell not, ya know? =)

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