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Thread: Antichrist Superstart live in 1995

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    Default Antichrist Superstar live in 1995

    I never knew about this until now, but there's two separate accounts of this song supposedly being performed live 1995.10.22 in Columbus, OH on the Smells Like Children tour.

    Initially after reading, I was a bit skeptical, but Spookhouse on the other hand is known for being a credible resource when it comes to setlists from that tour.

    Unfortunately, there's no known recordings of this. And after 25 years, I won't hold my breath anticipating one to ever surface at this point.

    The Hands of Small Children
    Wrapped in Plastic
    Snake Eyes and Sissies
    Get Your Gunn
    Cake and Sodomy
    Down in the Park
    Dope Hat
    My Monkey
    Antichrist Superstar (First known live performance)
    Organ Grinder
    Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
    Misery Machine

    Not posting the full review from Spookhouse, as it contains a lot of rambling nonsense, but:

    "Antichrist Superstar" tonight instead of "Smells Like Children". Can't make out any lyrics to this but the Rev plays it out delectably.
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