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MARCH 2002


Moderation equals death

It will all be revealed

I am close to completion on many levels.

Soon you will see.

It's not what you expect.

Everything you know about me is about to change.

You will be a part of this.

We will not be ignored and we will not disappoint.


posted: 3/3/2002 02:45



To some of your questions

I try to give you what you want and that is the best I can do.

I posted something tonight in my journal for you.

Thanks for your patience.

I think the new webdesign should include a feature that requires BBS users to identify themselves withought using fake email addresses. Sometimes it seems that free speech isn't really worth being free if people are not willing to accept the responsibility of what they say. After all we are each others peers here. Why should we be strangers. Just something for the residents of this forum to think about.

Good night and thanks for listening,


posted: 3/3/2002 03:32


Final Note

Regarding current material

I was glad to work with Jonathan Davis and to become friends again.

I have not seen the film yet.

I have not yet remixed Linkin Park but I have been asked to do so. It is possible I might make one of their songs something that people who dislike them could appreciate. I enjoy challenges and the opportunity to create.

Money doesn't make a difference as long as I enjoy doing something.

I am truly proud of my Resident Evil score and I hope to do more things like that.

HOWEVER, the new album has been my priority every day since October. I am quite confident you will enjoy it.



posted: 3/3/2002 03:55



I have updated my journal.

I appreciate your excitement and I hope you can tell that we are feeling the same way.

For the people who can never be pleased--"that's fake, you can't record guitar like that, it's tablature is the same as, manson's singing is lame, blah, blah blah..." take this into consideration. I wanted to share a taste.

Yes, you can record guitars right into a computer. I'll record them into a fucking cellphone if I want. Yes, people do dress like that in the studio. We decided to work after attending the Resident Evil premiere. Any musical tab-bullshit-comparisons can be saved for when the record comes out. There are about 4 bars of one song and 2 of another. You can hardly even tell what time signature it's in.

The point is, I wanted to let you get a feel for the sound without spoiling any suprises. I wanted you to enjoy it. If that's not good enough for certain complainers, then you might be in the wrong place. I'm going to wear whatever I want when I record. And times are changing. Those clips are just a zig-zag of hi high-fi coming to you darling demons.

I'm an Arch-dandy ready to turn the world into one big ugly stage like it's supposed to be. Won't you please join me?

Goodbye ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for listening. We will not disappoint. Marilyn Manson




This is my last post with the mercury symbol. Check my journal and the news and see where we are headed.

Arch Dandy, Marilyn Manson