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August 16, 1999
Author: [omega symbol]
Subject: this is the end, my only friends

thank you all, far and away for helping us live through such a tumultuous tour. We finished at Mount Fugi in Japan and it is quite a relief to be home. I have something special planned for the release of GOD IS IN THE TV, to reward those Los Angeles fans for their missed show. The video will contain all the behind the scenes I can offer, the things that the record company will censor will be available here! Coma White is at MTV, I don't know if they will play it because of the subject matter, but it will appear in it's entirety on GOD IS IN THE TV. Also set for release is Astonishing Panorama of the End Times, which states "VIOLENCE FOR THE PEOPLE, GIVE THE KIDS WHAT THEY NEED." I imagine it will be censored to say "milk and cookies for the kids" by the fascists. The live album is also finished and I hope to share that with you as well, it covers all of our albums and some extra unreleased items. I am writing to you from Kern's Gate and from Death Valley the birthplace of our new album.

Details to follow. With the shedding of skin we have discarded our Mechanical Animal clothes, costumes stage items, etc. This will be available for auction and a portion of the proceeds will go to charity.

I love you all in the only true sense of the word.

In the Name of Jehovah,


Satan and their union through

Christ and JFK