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Author: Omega015
Subject: birth





thank you for the warm regards motherfuckers

see you soon mm



Author: Omega
Subject: back in the usa
to all the beautiful supporters from every country, the band thanks you.

to whiny posers to assume to know more than me, or believe everything they read. fuck off

does anyone think that I listen to your bullshit? would I be who I am if I listened to others opinions? I do what I feel is right. that's what we all should do. I don't expect anyone to follow me. We are together in this. Christianity is the least of my enemies. Self doubt can destroy you quicker than anything. Thanks to your support, I believe in what I do and I believe in you. Anybody who is "too cool" to like my band now because they like the limp orgycotica's of the world --that's fine. I'm not going to change what I believe, even if you think I have. We are stronger than ever, and this is a fucking revolution. So let's act that way.


Marilyn Manson


please repost in all manson message boards. thank you.


11:20 PM
subject: pay attention
i was not in the chat, nor will i be.

i will be doing a video chat in the next few weeks, where we can discuss things one on one.

love and i am,

marilyn manson.

do me a favor and deliver my previous message to those people in the boards who overestimate their intelligence, opinions and relevance in the world.