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MARCH 2000


Author: [mercury symbol]
posted 3/17/00

I am very impressed and pleased that everyone is using this BBS to express themselves with inspiring essays and artworks. Since this Fan Gallery is new, I’d like to ask everyone to be patient while I create the best method to select pieces for discussion. I will NOT make this a competition because art is subjective and I am not in a position to decide if something is better than the rest. No one is.

I want this gallery to be a place where I choose things for us to examine and learn from. Some may be funny. Some may be more technically superior. Some may be primitive or simply horrible. Some may be hateful and some may be derogatory towards you or my band. This is not a talent contest unless you look at provocation and stimulation as a talent. I do.

I am also surprised by the extensive research some of you are doing. Everyone is beginning to tap into the same frequency. I added a link to brian, a memorial page for the teenager I spoke about at Disinfo Con. I encourage you to visit this one.

Also, I would like to clarify that my film project has not been cancelled. I have just decided to focus on the album and the 2 books first so that my story can be enjoyed or hated in its true form. While the book of images is still being created, the novel Holy Wood has been written for some time. It is not an adaptation of the script and it is not a “graphic novel.” Although the story and style aren’t exactly conventional, it is a traditional novel in every other aspect.

Sometime in the next week, I will be broadcasting a video transmission from within the studio. In this I will clarify some of the rumors and answer the questions you have regarding my record label and the aforementioned projects.

Keep creating all of the great work. A revolution is only achieved when rebellion is realized and focused.

Love and I am,

Marilyn Manson