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Last night I broke into someone's house. Climbed right in the window while no one was home. The alarm started to chant, "Intruder...Sector 3...bedroom." I didn't panic much, but I was really curious where Sector 1 and 2 were located. Regardless, there was no Pernod (a Parisian refreshment) so I called up my friend--it was his house--and I gave him "the works." I explained how easy it was to break in and I said that I would wait for him to come return and insisted he bring something nice to drink.

Later, in the early hours of morning, we talked about the Mechanical Animals tour (he was my acolyte) and I explained that he would be able to watch the GGG show since he missed it. YES, rabble-rousers...the DVD is finished.
I know the wait will be well worth it, because I edited together every detail of our last trip around the world. There are things on and off stage that no person has or should see. Or hear...We mixed it in 5.1 with the care most people only use in films. Actually, we used it in all the wrong ways. I don't like to follow "industry standards."

The extra dirty celluloid isn't just tossed on the end like some behind the blah, blah, blah.........
I put together a short film (about half an hour) called "The Death Parade." This will help you see what it's like to be nailed to this wrecking ball.

Singing, singing all week.
Perfektion. I am a dog that loves my fleas.
The album is a catalogue of emergency room costume party break-your-nose dancing ritualistic cattle mutilation backyard burlesque whores d'oeuvres that will end in a pleasant family-restaurant dinner. Even dessert, since you kids got all 'A's.

I'll write more this week with new photos. I'm off to the ballroom, time to waltz.

Nice to see you all again.
For now,

[posted 9/9/2002 U.S.A.]