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Instead of dwelling on the loss of a friend, I’d like to remember the time I spent with a boy named Kevin M. Riley. I just received word that he died last Thursday. He was only 24. I will miss you Kevin, you really made me smile. He used to call me and every time he would say, "Hey Manson it’s Kevin...remember me from the ‘Tourniquet’ video?" But I always recognized his voice and it was very funny that he could think I would forget such a unique person like himself. I wish his family the best and want them to know how much he inspired me.

It’s important to rise above grief, but I don’t feel like discussing music so much today.

My head is like monkey meat. The mixing of the Golden Age of Grotesque is like the second hand on a cuckoo clock grabbing the feathers and saying: STOP. Some unexpected collaborations have tied the shoes up and now we can dance.

My head is like monkey meat, or did I already say that?

(A) I went to a street opera called WOYZECK yesterday.

(B) I am building a stronger, faster, steel-toe website with a 6,000,000 dollar ass and just enough photos to prove it.

(C) We are on our way, I listened to 99% of the album today.

I will be back once it stops raining on me.


In memory of Kevin.

[posted 12/16/2002 U.S.A.]