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Gozinta Box

I have just returned from the studio and we have finished mixing the first track. I'm not going to reveal the name, but it is an onomatopoeia and it actually means the same thing in every language. However, it has a specific slang definition that refers to a sexual maneuver I found interesting. Soon...

I just watched the finished DVD with 5.1 sound and I must say this makes me want to get back on stage right now. After seeing everyone onscreen and at the art show, I know that together, this will be the Golden Age we have been waiting for. Thank you for your support and for coming to meet me and my imaginary all looked sharp, my bright fellow no-good and damned dandies. I felt sad to part with my painted-paper-monkey works, but at least I obtained some new art for myself...I have added another Helnwein piece to my collection and this is one I've wanted for many years.

I did hit several (deserving) pedestrians on the "Road" (to) RULES OF ATTRACTION's red car-pit. (a legendary actress, a Wonder from Years never ago and a sexual janitor) NOT IMPORTANT THOUGH! This is one of the best films I have seen and not just because several of my friends are involved with it. Congratulations to Roger for making fun of the people that we all hate, for pissing in Dawson's Creek, and for tricking me into letting you photograph my girlfriend's chest for your own deviant usage.

Take pride in your vulgarity. Old MacDonald had a pharmaceutical. The rakes shall sweep the leaves of the fakes.

The rabbit has pulled me into the hat,


[posted 10/9/2002 U.S.A.]