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(Do mirrors sleep and do they have feelings?
Or-"90 days of Sodom")

Hello, its good to be home. Sometimes the fine print in my Faustian contract eludes me and I forget how little time there is to accomplish so much. BUT THE IMPORTANCE IS TO ALWAYS: 1-Do anything creative. Who cares what people think of it. 2-After all, art is only one f short of what most peoples opinions smell like.

To update everyone, I went to Detroit and proved that you are not always guilty of what people assume you are.

(cut to):

I flew to NYC and wrapped my last two scenes of "Party Monster." I think everyone will enjoy this amusing, dark film and its talented cast. (Restrain your cynicism.)

I am starting a new film project tomorrow with some preliminary photography work. All I can say now, is that a renowned artist that I admire is going to collaborate on something I will be directing. I want to take some shots just for the site so you can get a sneak peek at what we are cooking up. I will post something late Sunday.

We see ourselves printed out on a zerox again and again and if we are not careful, we may end up just staring at a blur of ink. NEVER TOUCH ME UNTIL I AM DRY. (It will smear.)

I only make these things---scratches, scars, mumbles, cords, chords---to form a ladder to climb my way out of the hole in Hell I have dug while trying to MAKE these things. Sometimes, I forget to stop and enjoy how pretty Hell can be, if you can get past the smell of DOUBT.

"Mais rien ne peut exister, si lon raisonne."

And as Cab says: "Hidee, Hidee Ho"

Some films I watched and/or rewatched this week:

"Baise Moi"
"The Scarlet Empress"
and a favorite,
"LAGE DOR" by Luis Bunuel
You might enjoy.

Finally, I am trying to create a new Bullet-in ( ) Bored, as some may have noticed. This project is currently being handled by M.o.P., Stark. I have done this as a response to many requests, which have not gone unnoticed. I hope to be able to stop by there and chat periodically. However, we are finishing up the record and preparing to mix, so please understand the time restraints.

When I talk about the Marquis DeSade or recapturing the spirit of Weimar Berlin at its decadent, creative peak, I am not looking to go back in time or glorify anything BUT expression. It also reminds me of the Limelight scene in NYC from 89-92. My interest in these pages of history is a pile of scattered ransom-note-cut-ups meant to create an invitation to chaos and a demand for style. (Whatever YOU choose.)
Why attend an event when you can be one?
The world may be a stage and blah, blah....but we can ALL BE STARS, not just players. No more rules to where the "stage" ends and the audience begins.
Applause is music.
Boooooooos are beautiful when harmonized!
I enjoy watching YOU more than you think.

With admiration and respect for your inspired individuality...
You are always my fire---Los Olvidados.


[posted 6/22/2002 U.S.A.]