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As you see, we have begun the show and the progress of this websiteís transformation will continue rapidly in the days to come. The band has written 2 more songs and I am working on the musical intro of the album today. I foresee a trip to Europe needed to capture the charming atmosphere of decay I am seeking for this one.

Iíve also been busy painting in preparation for my first art exhibit, set to take place at the Tamara Bane Gallery in Los Angeles in mid August. Iíve photographed some works (in progress) and some of my working material as well.

I have word on the novel coming soon.

Sometimes DRUGS can add color to a black mood or exterminate those insects of depression. But only ART, like shards of glass and bloodstained asphalt at an intersection, can capture the pain or lack of it with a beauty that almost resembles a bruise on god. I have seen the side effects of my thoughts and I have found that there is no cure. While it is terminal, I am spelled out in a halcyon font with an unwashed brain and a belief in my new layer of skin. I must advise, that despite the discomfort any creature endures when molting, never hesitate the agony of leaving behind the dead cells.

To stay in that rotten shell you have finally outgrown, you will surely die.

You wonít understand if you are sitting.
With love,

Arch Dandy
Marilyn Manson

Artworks in progress*
Bleed detail of Jonathan work*
Some paint goes inside
When I grow old I would like a drink (in progress)
Work in progress (Jonathan)

[posted 3/26/2002 U.S.A.]
* video/image currently unavailable