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I have returned from my short illocutionary trip to the city of Barcelona. Many of you may not know, but the Catalonian capital is believed by some to be the birthplace of the first CABARET. Els Quatre Gats, my investigations unveiled, was a legendary place of great importance to art expression at the end of the 19th Century. This cabaret, owned by 4 men, was throwing four-dimensional, pre-burlesque, feline shapes before the rest of Europe caught on. Of course, I visited the Gaudi Mansion at P. Diddy's invitation. I must say the candied quail eggs and parmesan cheese ice cream was swell but somehow I didn't fit in.

With all of the world's "entertainers" in town for MTV, I tried to imagine a time when teleprompters would be ignored by everyone--not just me. I was left in a state of obnubilation. I brought a silly little camera (not as likable as the one I use normally for the photos here) and captured a few things. Let's say some people did not know which way their garden grows. I did give the glad hand to Eminem who seems rather delighted with the bits of my new album he was lucky enough to hear during our visit. Likewise, I had all aces on stage with him and it made me very anxious to begin "The Grotesque Burlesque." Incidentally, that is NOT a song title, but the name of our traveling event. However, it is part of the chorus to my favorite track that I babbled out about a year ago as this TUMOUR was diagnosed. That song is called: "Doll-Dagga Buzz-Buzz Ziggety-Zag" and is being mixed as I write this. You'll be happy to know that more than half of the final mixes are done since I last reported. (That means we will be finished quite soon.) I have not confirmed any other titles although I have hinted at working names such as "Fuck You," and so on. Be patient until the pie cools off or you will burn your tongues.

I am finishing the album art with Helnwein and managed to start painting again. Here are some moments from across the world--to the mix room--to my attic.

I'm making my list

4M's and a Russian lesbian
Bedknobs and broomsticks
Lily and JonBenet
"JonBenet as Sleeping Beauty" series in progress


[posted 11/19/2002 U.S.A.]