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"These Foolish Things"

Excuse my absence...

My cryptovestiphilia was finally put to proper use this past week while I was portraying "Christina" in the film "Party Monster." I was actually allowed to leave home alone and enter the central nervous system.

Tomorrow, I am going to see a movie by Pier Paolo Pasolini in a theatre. Although I've watched it often over the years, it may be the first time it has been shown in America, as it was banned and the director was assassinated. I was reminded of the importance and power of opinion when expressed in art. Although art is undefinable, opinion is seldom powerful.

Moving on...
hierophilia and imparcolpia aside!!!!!!!!
I know decoromedia is not a proper form of JOURNALism, I find that the study of its rules help to create proper settings for one's evolution. Of course, I mean this both metaphorically and literally.

Some things won't be the same, because they will be better.

Manson in a French accent, "Delilah, do not run with those scissors!"

(The girl often will pause now and pretend to sweep up the hair.)

Manson, without the accent, says: "I have no persona called Arch Dandy."
Then to Delilah--a persona non grata--The Arch Dandy proclaims, "I am merely an idiosyncrat."

Decoromedia in action as demonstrated by M.W. Gacy

A postcard from the migraine fields

So we will now return our efforts to the melolagnia at hand. DRUMS!!!
(Doctor's orders.)

From the migraine fields,

[posted 5/25/2002 U.S.A.]