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Lietz, Cam-era, AKTION

I've been in the bored room this past month trying to explain the difference between a night club and a night stick to a pile of idiots, who for the life of them, could not see the connection betwixt the moustache of Dali and the "mustache" of Nietzsche. I have put the dirt back in my mouth and drank from the dead, regardless of what these powdered wig witch doctors prescribed. We will not be censored.


We have INDEED just finished mixing the final song for the album and have scheduled the GROTESK BURLESK all across the world. The artwork and much more of my collaboration with Gottfried Helnwein is also complete.

The details of our AKTION and the sounds that accompany it will all be revealed quite soon.

And LOOK at my handsome henchmen!

I will disguise myself like math and any division will be solved with subtraction.

(The wetnurse enters and sedates M.)
"His nerve scales are a bit topsy-turvy Doktor Morpheus!" she shouts.

The physician whispers, "Sleep, boy."

(He exits the room, pausing to straighten a framed oil painting of Antonin Artaud and closes the stained glass door.)


I'm awake again...It is time.

Are you motherfuckers ready for the new shit? Keep saying my name like that and you'll get kissed as if it was a day when air used to be clean and sex was still filthy. Keep saying my name like THAT too many times and your gums will start to bleed.

I am here, MM

Nietszche MPEG

[posted 1/23/2003 U.S.A.]