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ENTRIES 264 - 266


From JesusHBoomBoomChrist on 02/05/03:

why are you a homo? homo

Answered by MM on 02/05/03:

Sorry, I wanted to answer something important but this person--who is one of your peers--decided to ask this question. I am without an answer.


From YouHaveNoChoiceButToListen on 02/05/03:

Have you gotten any positive comments towards this Oracle thing you've opened? If you really thought this was what the FANS wanted, why didn't you ASK them? You would be surprised what LISTENING would accomplish. I thought you wanted to see the fans art and ideas and interact with them.... how does this help you accomplish that? This is so one-sided and useless for us to use as FANS that all we are left wanting to do is make you see that we don't like it. Sorry but those are the facts. You make us think you hate us all the time, and I'm sorry but that doesn't sell albums or put bums in seats. To put it bluntly, this shit it no substitute for the BBS.

Answered by MARILYN MANSON on 02/05/03:

This is what you put into it. I am here to talk, but not to be berated. This is for the fans to become part of the spectacle. I am dedicated to read the thousands of posts. If you prefer just talking to one another and speculating on what is true, that's fine. However, I am here to answer your questions. This is the only place that is possible.


From Trashie on 02/04/03:

WHAT HAPPENED?????????????????????????????????????

Answered by MARILYN MANSON on 02/04/03:

This "Oracle" will be one of many AKTIONS created to prevent any prostitution of our collective mind. I believe it will provide immediate communication that respects the value of our love affair between danger/chaos and reality without the middle (meddle, mid-ill) man. I will tell my tales as they plummet faster, from floor to floor, like a broken elevator with its door cracked open for you to see. That is the sole purpose of my journal and the finished album's obligation as we set foot into this GOLDEN AGE. However, this "Oracle" is for you, dedicated spectators, that I invite to join in this spectacle. I feel that you want to ask me and my handsome boys so many questions, so I will oblige in the most disorderly fashion. Be careful what you ask for, because sometimes it is also the question that becomes the show. This is the beginning and everyone should know that I love you and thank you for your devotion.