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Marilyn Manson Journal ArchiveMarilyn Manson Journal Archive

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The public consumption of material.

While, I am always pleased with the art that I have created, alone or with the great contributions of others, as partners, we never betray the greater goal.

In the situation of my "PHANTASMAGORIA" trailer, involving---Anthony Silva, DP, editor, and screenwriter---and Rudy Coby, Illusionist and Visual well as, Steven Klein, Benoit Dubois, and Gottfriend Helnwein (and son Cyril).
This trailer was never intended to be 'leaked' and is 100 percent a blasphemy, that the 'so called company' that chose to take credit for anything, other than the fraud of saying that (he) or (they) had any involvement is criminal.

I can assure fans, friends, collaborators... that the days of fucking with Marilyn Manson have ended... and i invite mr. Rob to face me and /or the artists you have raped, face to face.

This isn't a about words anymore. You have 12 hours to submit your apology or you will face more problems than you thought your stealing, lies would create. tik tok.

2:19 AM